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How Super-Moms Reduce The Holiday Stress

Holiday stress is the mother of all stresses because if you don't quite feel like super-mom yet in a normal month, you're about to find out why Santa needs elves. There is a secret to getting it all done, happily, and it actually starts with taking care of YOU first.

We all know how good it feels in the morning to craft a list and check off the boxes as the day goes by, don't we? What if I told you that pretty much ALL super-moms have one thing in common that they're not telling you? Their secret to combating the stress associated with life and especially around the holidays - THEY are on that to-do list every day.

You know that exercise is good for you, but you're too busy and stressed to fit it into your routine! Exercise should be part of your stress-management plan. After a walk/jog or swimming laps in a pool, can't you agree that you forgot about life's irritations that were bothering you before you started? Being active can distract us from our daily worries and simultaneously boost our feel-good chemicals, endorphins, helping that feeling to last longer throughout our day. Now committing to some kind of healthy routine during the holiday season is not only a good idea, it can make November and December so much more enjoyable - because you have a better chance of being in a good mood.

Our Holiday Survival Challenge is designed to give you daily, simple check-ins that pertain to your health and happiness. It is made up of a group of other women who are also committed to working out, following a meal plan that they pick out, and focusing on all of the positives in life. It's a tool that we use every year to make sure we are taken care of - so that the show can go on for our children and families who are expecting miracles in the form of presents, décor, meals, train rides and parties.

Who our Holiday Survival Challenge is NOT for:

  • Someone who looks at exercise and eating healthy as a type of punishment or counter-balance for enjoying treats.

  • Someone who expects to lose 20 lbs during the holiday season.

  • Someone who is looking to cut out all sugar and cocktails.

  • Someone who wants to workout 7 days a week.

  • Someone who doesn't look at the holiday season as a stressful time.

  • Someone who can't relate to the term super-mom.

  • Someone who is not ready to put herself on the to-do list.

  • Someone who is not ready to justify spending the money on her health & happiness.

We are SO excited to accept new women into our fitfam for the holiday season! But only if you're going to promise to:

  • Have fun & learn how to pamper yourself with us.

  • Show up regardless of how the day turned out, even if not perfect.

  • Learn how to make some of our favorite holiday treats with healthier ingredients.

  • Promote positivity and enthusiasm for choosing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Provide encouraging, supportive feedback for others in the community.

What is NOT required:

  • Posting on social media.

  • Following a meal plan that you don't like.

  • Eliminating wine or cookies.

  • Owning cable TV.

  • Sharing before/after photos with the group (unless you feel you want to).

  • Weighing in with me.

  • Competing with the other women in the challenge for amount of weight or inches lost.

What IS required to join:

  • Wanting a coach who helps you set up your day for success, shows you how to write attainable goals and someone to push you when you are slacking off.

  • A Wi-Fi connection.

  • A space in your house that is approximately 4 feet by 4 feet.

  • A goal to remain healthy through the holiday season as best as you can and to avoid gaining weight like you have in the past.

  • A desire to learn how to eat in proper portions and/or how to incorporate more vegetables into your day.

  • A mindset that each day is a new opportunity to get it right.

The Holiday Survival Challenge starts on Monday, November 8, 2021 and it ends on Sunday, January 2, 2022. We are accepting newbies into this challenge right now! To join, please fill out the application here or send an email to as soon as possible so we can get you in with us!


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