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How to Eat When You Work Weird Hours

If you are a healthcare worker or living the second or third-shift work life, you understand the struggles when it comes to eating regular meals. In my physical therapy practice, I failed for YEARS at being successful with timing my food. I barely have 2 minutes in between each patients' appointment to PEE let alone EAT. #physicaltherapistproblems That meant that I used to work an 8 hour shift and only eat once, very quickly, and never enough. Result: BINGE WHEN I GOT HOME! I know what a little bit of structure around food can do for your health — whether it's three squares daily (and a couple snacks), intermittent fasting, or more involved plans such as Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession Tim

How To Tell If Your Relationship With Food Is Healthy

Ever go on Instagram to see perfectly captured photos of someone’s salad, smoothie bowl or #cheatday meal? What's so interesting is that we all perceive those images in a different way. Most of us moms are shaking our heads thinking how the heck do people have so much time on their hands to post these types of photos - amIright? But if someone is looking to lose weight, they may see those photos and be thinking about the calories. A chef may be pondering the dynamic flavors of that dish. Someone following Portion Fix may wonder what the container count is and someone following 2B Mindset may wonder how many fiber carbs they have to add to make it a meal. All different ways to look at th


Shakeology is a superfood nutrition shake that’s a catalyst for positive change. It helps build a strong nutritional foundation that we need to support us in creating a new lifestyle, like a fitness program or a healthier diet. It works by addressing some nutritional gaps our diets can have with potent ingredients that help support digestive health, provide healthy energy, reduce cravings, and just plain make us feel better. And when we feel better, we do better — making smarter choices and taking on bigger challenges. That said, I really want to share some thoughts on some of the most common Shakeology myths floating around. 4 Shakeology Myths You Might Have Heard: Shakeology is just a pro

Food Mindset Training!

Does your mindset create difficulty losing weight? Do you look at food and immediately feel guilt, restrictions, shame or helplessness? Have you tried and failed to lose weight so many times you lost track? Emotional eaters, people who hate being told that they CAN'T EAT something, people who are overwhelmed by all of the different weight loss options and products out there, the girl who HATES working out, or even the person who loves exercising but never gets a good handle on their nutrition. THIS IS FOR YOU. You can be emotionally free from food. Do you fall into any of these categories: Loves eating out Hates to cook Eats takeout often Is constantly “on a diet” Is a weekday warrior Bea

What is an Insta Pot?

No time to cook: the biggest complaint most of us have about healthy eating! I am about to bust that excuse so watch out! Weeknight dinners can really be a challenge when you're running around with kid's activities and you don't get home from work until 6pm. That's why I am SO EXCITED that I got an Instapot for Christmas! While I am admitting that I really don't know how to use it yet, I wanted to research it a bit and then share what I learned with everyone. Here's what I learned... What the heck IS an Instant Pot? It’s a trendy, multitasking cooking appliance that lets you make slow food fast. It’s perfect for people who like to cook things from scratch without always having the time

A Healthy Hot Mess by Jennifer Stawarz