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A Day In The Life of 80 Day Obsession

Before I get into my journey with 80 Day Obsession, let me just tell you that I’m a wife and mom to two awesome kids - and I’m unapologetic about my fitness and nutritional goals. I’m a Diamond Beachbody Coach and love my Team Energy tribe. I’m a leader, a mentor and love living out my life's purpose with passion & positive vibes. I'm getting ready to do the fitness/nutrition program 80 Day Obsession for the third time, and I wanted to give you a view of what 'a day in the life' of this program looks like.

80 Day Obsession features 80 different workouts and a timed nutrition plan. That means I have to plan what I am eating and when to get the best results. The nutrition component is timed to help maximize the way your body responds before, during and after your workout. I won’t spell it out in full detail here, since it’s part of the program. If you’re interested in learning more about it or the other awesome Beachbody programs, email me and I’ll get you set up. Let's take a closer look at the 80 Day Obsession program and the timing of my food.

THE MEAL PLAN - why this works!

Premise of the plan is TIMED-NUTRITION.

The Portion Fix containers play a significant role, just like 21 Day Fix, but the meal plan will specify AT WHAT TIME you will eat specific containers. No more guessing about what foods you should eat pre- and post-workout and how long before/after. It will all be laid out for amazing results! Autumn makes every part of this nutrition plan EASY to follow.

You'll have SIX calorie brackets to choose from (Plan A-F), you'll calculate your bracket and find your meal plan using your current weight and whether you want to lose weight or maintain. No matter which bracket you fall into your meal plan will look pretty similar (just with more or less containers):

  1. Pre-Workout Meal

  2. Post-Workout Meal

  3. Meal 1

  4. Meal 2

  5. Meal 3

Each meal is laid out showing you how many servings of each food group you should eat AND when you should eat them. The time you eat will all revolve around when you plan to workout, so keeping a consistent workout schedule is really helpful when it comes to meal prep.

Plus, we get these magical "refeed" days, which you are going to LOVE. These are days you get to indulge in foods like burgers and pasta... basically the "bad carbs" we've been avoiding!

But I have news, unlike 21 Day Fix, alcohol is NOT allowed! This is always the hardest part for me!


4:45 am: My alarm goes off and I hit the day running. I eat my PRE-WORKOUT MEAL (usually these egg cups with veggies) and drink my pre-workout drink as I work through my Miracle Morning routine. This sets my entire day up for success.

You can take a look at my morning routine here.



Workout schedule (Phase 1, 2 & 3 workouts)

Each "Phase" (month) has a different workout schedule, 6 workout days and 1 rest day on Sunday.

  • Total Body Core

  • Booty

  • Cardio Core

  • AAA (Arms, Abs, A*$)

  • Legs

  • Cardio Flow

  • Rest/Self Care Day

The workouts range from around 30 to 60 minutes, with the cardio days being your shorter workouts. On Sundays there are also optional Roll & Release stretching routines to help you recover!

7:30 am: I drink RECOVER then 30 min later my POST-WORKOUT MEAL. This is typically my chocolate superfood shake blended with coconut milk, spinach and fruit which I can take on the go. I also have 1/2 of an Ezekiel Muffin with sunbutter. Not only is this delicious, but sticks with me!