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For me, one of the hardest parts of staying healthy is always feeling like there's MORE I could be doing. This is especially true when it comes to nutrition.

Between all the different weight loss nutrition strategies (Paleo, Keto, low-fat, weight watchers, low calorie, etc.) and then the ways that you can APPLY those strategies (portion control, timed nutrition, intermittent fasting, how to plan the cheat meal) - it can feel confusing!

But I want you to know that losing inches and getting the scale to move doesn't have to require you knowing or applying ALL of these different strategies. It's simply about being FOCUSED and DECIDING to begin somewhere.

Introducing FIT FOCUS, a 21 Day habit forming fitness challenge that will help you ACHIEVE the healthier version of you - without having to be an expert (you can leave that to me).

FIT FOCUS is an all encompassing FITNESS PLAN that includes the foods you can eat for fat loss & a workout program that incorporates a little bit of everything so that you don’t get bored (finally!). The best part, you’ll get private coaching from me for the entire 21 days to make sure you KNOW what to do every single day.


✅A designed nutrition plan that allows you to eat real food in the right portions - so that you can feel that bit of structure around your nutrition but without restricting food groups.

✅Support from other women who are losing weight and developing better habits - who will check in with us with their workouts and food over the next 21 days - it could be that extra push you need to actually get yourself to exercise.

✅Learn exactly how I eat every day, in order to gain freedom by having structure.

✅A workout schedule to follow so there’s no guessing or making up your own routine.

✅The ways in which my team and I stay focused so that we always stay excited and positive about our health, and jumping at the next challenge group each month.


*Shakeology - a superfood shake that gives you energy, reduces cravings, contains all of your daily vitamins, amino acids and probiotics.

*A 21 Day Meal Plan that you can repeat as often as you’d like.


*21 Days of scheduled workouts that you do on your own timeframe. They include cardio, weight training, yoga, Pilates, body weight training and core strengthening - all streamed on-demand for access anywhere.

*INSTANT ACCESS BONUS: Meal Prepping Basics, a video tutorial that breaks down exactly how I meal prep each week for success.

TO JOIN: fill out this application & I’ll be in touch today!


*DEADLINE TO JOIN IS MONDAY SEPT 10TH! Only accepting 15 people, first come first serve!

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