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How My Virtual Fit Club Works

I love helping women reach their fitness and health goals!! We don't focus on getting "skinny" or losing weight.  For us, the goal is always focused on how we FEEL & less about how we look, although the end product is a fit mom every time.  Each month, I work with really busy women - and teach them how to get results using our daily 30 minute workout routines and we fix their nutrition without restricting any food groups.  We work on getting healthy from the inside - in mind and body!

As moms it can be so hard to find the time to focus on yourself again, but I promise you there IS TIME. My FitClub Community makes it much easier with 

  • 30 minute at home workouts

  • clean eating meal plans (adaptable for vegan/vegetarian)

  • superfoods shake

  • support of other moms

My groups are full of women all figuring out how to balance work, family, and somehow take care of themselves in the mix! We check in with each other daily, share recipes, encourage each other through our slip ups, and celebrate our victories together! The group is run privately - so only you and the other women in the group will see your conversations. 


Prior to joining my Fit Club Community we will talk in depth about your personal health and fitness goals and find the best workout program that fits your goals as well as your lifestyle. The programs can range from dance to cardio to weight lifting and all have individualized meal plans to make sure you see the best results. 


We have two NUTRITION options for you to choose from. One is macro based and the other is intuitive eating. I use the macro based plan because I am type A and need everything mapped out and I like that it helps me keep the portions appropriate for my goals. We will also chat about which one is correct for you and your family.

before and after weight loss results


Shakeology has truly been my secret weapon in losing the pregnancy weight and fixing my digestion. Since Avery was born, I have been drinking it daily as a meal replacement in the morning for breakfast.  It continues to provide my body with all of the missing nutrients that I otherwise would not be getting every day as a busy mom.  So even after I lost all of the weight, I kept drinking it because of all it's benefits; I couldn't imagine not having this as a part of my healthy routine!


When you join my group Shakeology will be an integral part of the meal plan. Your breakfast, lunch, OR snack each day will be Shakeology. It's made from whole foods with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, or GMO ingredients.  It is an incredible way to get your vitamins in, increase your hydration, and help curb your cravings. I drink the vegan formula since it has no dairy in it and I know dairy can often be hard on my digestion.



Every month, I open enrollment for my virtual gym Fit Club!! We pick your workout program and I teach you everything there is to know about clean eating. Everything is done through an actual app on your phone where I provide you with daily accountability, motivation, recipes, tips, grocery lists, daily challenges, and anything else you may need for SUCCESS!! My clients have the ability to check in with their workouts, their nutrition, and track their progress. If I see someone isn’t tracking their progress I reach out to see how I can help or where they're struggling.

Common Questions about my Fit Club:
1. Do I need a huge workout space? NOPE! Everything can be done with a TV/ phone/ computer and a set of light weights
2. Do I have to show anyone pictures? NO! You only share what feels comfortable for you.
3. What if I can’t keep up? Every workout program I offer has a modifier available so you always have that option.
4. What can I expect for results?  Results vary for each person because it totally depends on how much they stick to the program. Most of my challengers lose several inches in the first 3 weeks. The more you stick to the plan, the better your results!

5. Do we all have to workout at the same time?  NOPE! You fit it in whenever YOU designate as your workout time for the day - which can change week to week.  Totally up to you, as long as it gets done you're doing fine!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you can contact me by filling out the Fit Club Application below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

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