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Hi, I’m Jen and I’m a mom of two littles who helps other moms create BIG businesses online while being present with her kids.  

I used to be the one laughing at other women in business online, eye rolling at these "pathetic stay at home moms" who were desperate enough to make fools of themselves online in order to make money.  I hold a Master's degree in physical therapy and I used to believe that I was way too educated to be "that mom" choosing to dumb herself down with an online sales gig.


I started my online business for 2 reasons:

  • I wanted to create an environment around healthy habits for my family so that my kids would naturally develop them, believing it was the normal way to live

  • I never wanted to go back to my healthcare career full time after I had my kids

To the mom who I was judging: I apologize.  Because I get it now. 

The rat race wasn’t for me, despite having a career in healthcare. It wasn’t until I figured out how I could work online doing something that I was truly passionate about that I stopped resenting work.

The truth is, you’ve gotta want to change your life if you’re going to be successful! The women who have had enough with juggling way too much and who are ready to spend their days how THEY want to! They’re sick of feeling frustrated with their lack of freedom and never spending enough time with their kids. They feel guilty working that 9-5 because by the time they get home they’re spent and have no energy left for their families. They’re done making a career and money come first over being a present mom and they’re ready to learn exactly how they can have both - more time at home AND a big business - by building their own health & fitness online brand with me!

This is not your typical team of health & fitness coaches, by the way, who forget about you or never provides training or disappears after they sign you up. I personally mentor every single coach on our team. And provide you with ALL of the resources that I personally use to make my business explode.

Team Energy is ranked in the top 2% of our company! When you join our team you get access to the TOP resources in the business and are provided one on one mentorship to ensure your business grows quickly. 

We are mostly mamas working to provide our families a life of financial freedom while showing our little ones what hard work and going after big dreams looks like. We hold business meetings with babies, we schedule calls around nap times, school sports and homework - and we support each other through the sleepless kid nights and incredible business growth! 

When you join Team Energy you are choosing to join a team! Yes, you will 100% be your own CEO but you will receive top trainings and one on one mentorship. This includes step by step online business training, team calls, and weekly mentorship calls. Together we will help you see success!


Team Energy is currently a TOP TEAM in the entire network of over 450,000 teams! When you chose to join Team Energy you are immediately plugged into the network and trainings that have catapulted this team to the top. 

On top of trainings and the support of our team page you will be enrolled in my  one on one mentorship program. This means we will work together through video calls, team training calls, and email to ensure we get your business started quickly and help you reach your coaching goals.

Want to know what most coaches REALLY thought about this coaching opportunity before joining? Check out this video as they share their initial hesitations and fears, what unexpected blessings coaching has brought into our lives, and what advice they would give themselves back THEN, knowing what we know NOW!


Complete this short form to get more info on my team, my one on one mentorship, and how you can be mentored by a Top 2% Coach

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