What is coaching?


My life has completely transformed since becoming a Beachbody coach 4 years ago. That sounds like a really BOLD statement but it is the truth. I was intrigued by the culture and potential to earn an income doing something I already loved - health & fitness!  I have far surpassed my expectations with this business and I am so proud of who I have become (and continue to become) along my journey.  

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My top 5 reasons to become a Beachbody Coach.

Anyone can Coach

My ‘joining point‘ for starting as a coach is not your ideal situation. I took a leap without knowing where I’d land.  I signed up not knowing anything about the business, intimidated, 40 pounds overweight, shy and self conscious. I signed up not even knowing the FULL possibilities this opportunity could give me. I was 4 days away from giving birth to my second child and the last thing I needed was more responsibility.  I was smack in the middle of figuring out life with two kids under 3 years old and looking back, it was the most ridiculous time to commit to it!  Oh, and I was already 35 years old.


To make matters worse, I had NO background in marketing or sales and I only had a little over 100 friends on social media.  But I saw other coaches getting great results physically and they were so full of positive energy while building their team of friends, making tons of money and I wanted some of whatever they were having!!  I felt I really owed it to myself to try it.  So, I thought — What’s the worst that could happen? 



You get into amazing shape  

Making the decision to become a coach just so happens to be the REASON I lost my baby weight and in record time. I quickly began to BELIEVE in the products, the results I saw and to believe in myself. I was on maternity leave, struggling with a 2 year old toddler and newborn, enduring sleepless nights for feedings and waking up at 4am each day to fit in my workout. It became my only “me time” of the day. 


About 6 months into it, after I had lost 40 pounds using Beachbody products, I realized that I needed to actually start sharing this with other people.  If I could see my abs after having two kids - I felt called to share how others could do it too!   I KNEW that by sharing my story I could inspire others to make healthier choices and get past the idea that once you’re a mom you will never have your body back. I was proof that you CAN. 



You work for yourself

I dedicated my kids’ nap time to paying it forward to others and sharing the opportunity with them.  I quickly realized that I LOVED this special time that I gave myself permission to experience. The hours I spend working each day is approximately 2-3 hours. I do this on my own terms, during naps, in the evenings, in the wee hours of the morning while my family sleeps. That’s been my reality for the past 2 years and I have loved every second of it.  It never feels like work and that’s how I know I made the right decision. There’s something so empowering about making decisions for your business yourself! No boss, no requirements, just self-driven success.  Because I wanted it. 


You can’t help but become positive 

People would ask me how I had so much energy with an infant and toddler and a new business - I had no explanation other than the only thing I was doing differently than my friends was I was on this incredible health and fitness journey. My passion was alive. I had this incredible energy, and I truly wanted to share how much these products had changed my body and my confidence. 

(That’s why I decided to name my team, Team Energy!)

You’re surrounded by trainings and team calls with other Beachbody coaches who are such a rare culture these days. We want to help, we don’t tolerate drama and we are super obnoxious to negative people!! (My fav!). We are on a natural high-vibe and it can be contagious if you let it. 


Cash Flow

When I only went back to work 2 days a week after my kids were born, our lifestyle was cramped. Big time. We didn’t have the extras, definitely no vacations. While I had made the decision to stay home with my kids and was happy to do that, I always felt sad about not contributing to our family finances anymore. I felt like I couldn’t buy anything and I really wanted to change that without having to leave the kids in daycare. I wanted to be the one home most of the time and knew Beachbody Coaching could be a significant source of income for me if I worked hard enough. 

I have earned more money than I ever dreamed possible and I know that I am still only at the beginning of my potential. I know that this opportunity is allowing me to live FREE of debt and FREE to spend time with my family.  I’ve been able to pay for all of the extras, private school for my son, I buy clothes and makeup without even thinking about it now. 




As the Founder of this team, I truly don’t even feel like this is a team of coaches. I feel it’s a FAMILY of coaches. Our team is growing by the day. We all come from different backgrounds. Moms, dads, teachers, students, corporate professionals, physical therapists, nurses, waitresses and more! We all come together with one common goal: to help people achieve their health & fitness goals and to work towards becoming their own boss!