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Why You're Hungry When Losing Weight

why you are hungry losing weight

You tell yourself you're starving on your diet but I'm about to get STRAIGHT with you...

Okay, I've heard this twelve million times - Jen I am trying to eat healthy but I'm SO HUNGRY!!! Find out why I think that is when you watch this quick 2 minute video.

Sugar coating is not what I do - I am here to tell you that the ONLY way you're going to get safe, effective weight loss is to do it the old fashioned way! Eat proper portions, get a variety of every food group (carbs allowed!) and stay away from processed junk. Anything else is a gimmick or fad which may help you INITIALLY lose, but may not be sustainable. Learn the healthy habits. Change your mindset. Change you LIFE.

If you want to work together and join my next Fit Club, apply here!

xo, Jen

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