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Is Beachbody Coaching Legit?

My goal with this article is to provide a 100% transparent and impartial review of the Team Beachbody coaching opportunity. I’ll be unbiased, giving you the pros and cons, as well as sharing the real-life experiences that I have had. I decided to write this article because there’s so much misleading, conflicting, and polarizing information out there. And, I think I have a completely different spin to my business that I want to share. If you're considering coaching, I truly want you to know what you’re getting into, and I want you to know that there is more than one way to do it.

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Okay, one of the questions I get when I'm recruiting into coaching is the concern that if "anyone can be a coach", is that some kind of joke? How can just anyone help to get others in shape, shouldn't they be actual professionals?

Actually, no and here's why. Coaches do not design the workout programs and coaches do not write the nutrition plans. These are done by the actual personal trainers and nutritionists that Beachbody hires to design their programs. So when you see the word "coach", all that means is that person is the link between you (the customer) and the product (workouts, nutrition plans and supplements). Coaches are the ones who motivate, inspire and lead by example, showcasing their healthy lifestyle, of course using Beachbody designed programs. Coaches take other Beachbody customers under their wings and form our infamous accountability groups aka we nail your feet to the floor and make you follow through on your promises to yourself (do the workouts, eat well and get the results). We literally just COACH someone through their own journey by supporting and encouraging them. So, no, we are not the professionals.


Totally valid question! Here's why I believe that some of the best coaches are people who are not yet at their end results...they're super relatable. Ever go on Instagram and scroll to find "fitness motivation" and come across a really fit woman showing you workout moves? Did you think to yourself "yeah, I could never do that, I can't be her, I don't look like her"? I know I have! And then did you find that mom who is also 25 lbs overweight killing it in her photos showing how she's not perfect, messes up and still has the discipline to keep going? She shows her mombod, proud AF and seems to not care what anyone thinks of her less than perfect figure? That's truly inspiring to so many women who are starting at that exact same point. Not quite there yet. Figuring it out. Or not even striving for that perfect body, because what even IS that anyway?

So, yeah - coaches meet people where they are in their journey. You'll most inspire the ones who are just like you and who can see themselves in your story. See how I started and learn how to start an exercise program when you feel overwhelmed.

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Definitely NOT! There was a time when I told myself the same thing. That I could never earn big income like these top coaches do because I didn't want to be glued to my phone all day. If you're not skilled, not careful or if you are not purposeful with your precious time - of course you could fall prey to the social media black hole and end up lost and overwhelmed.

On our team, I provide the new coaches with really basic social media training that allows them to work smarter. In fact, the very first thing that I recommend that they do as a coach is to turn their iPhone social media notifications off. We are not at the mercy of our customers or coaches. It's so important to set firm business hours and to keep them. That is when we schedule posts to upload, check in with our team, show encouragement for our current customers and do private outreach to invite others to join us.

I will be perfectly honest when I tell you that making income in this business is WORK. But it is certainly not all day long. Typically, newer coaches get encouraged to block off 1-2 hours each day to focus on their income producing activities and planning their social media content. Then, they get to put their phones away and don't have to return until the next day if they choose. There is a learning curve to balancing this but please don't assume that just because you see us showing up online multiple times a day that we are a slave to our phones ;)

beachbody coaching


Alright, I am 'bout to shoot it to you straight when it comes to ANYTHING we put in our mouths. Quality costs more. And we are worth that price tag. I openly talk about food as our fuel and as the means to preventing disease and aging gracefully, therefore the customers and coaches that I attract are people who have that same mindset. We expect to pay a little more for foods that we know are good for us. So, actually the price tag on some of the Beachbody supplements that I use are not an issue for me or my customers. They are happily willing to invest in their own health, just like I was. So, if we believe it's too expensive for us, then of course we will attract customers who feel the same way and they potentially won't buy.

I wholeheartedly BELIEVE in the products because I am living proof of what they could do for someone - I have lost 45 lbs in 6 months and kept it off for over 6 years using them! I can't put a price tag on that. I feel amazing and I know I would not be here today if it weren't for this lifestyle. So, perspective is everything and it's our job as coaches to explain the value and benefit of our products. If someone doesn't know that Shakeology is not just another protein shake, then of course they'll think it's overpriced. Google some of the ingredients and let me know if there's anywhere you could find, let alone purchase those for the same or better price. And learn about our supplements first if you need a clearer picture of what they are exactly.

Workouts, too. Arguably, someone could spend $500/month investing in a personal trainer who only meets with them twice a week. For me, that seems too expensive for what you get. With our Total Solution Packs, Beachbody gives us access to a coach & private accountability group, one year of streaming workouts that we can do 365 days of the year from our own homes, a nutrition plan to follow (and I personally give my customers a weekly meal plan & grocery list in addition to the nutrition system), a 30-day supply of superfoods that is a meal replacement each day and this will run you approximately $140-180 for the first month and then $99 for each additional month you wish to continue in our accountability groups. How's that for value and results?

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Ever wonder why really successful coaches don't write reviews about how a business failed and they lost money? Ever see a successful coach write a review about how bad a product was? Yeah, me neither. The reviews you see online about Beachbody coaching being a scam are highly likely to be written by former coaches who didn't have what it takes to succeed. I know that sounds harsh. But having been in this business for 6 years I truly have nothing bad to say about Beachbody as a company or any of the coaches I have interacted with. Negative reviews often come from negative mindsets and people who like to place the blame of failure onto "the system", "the business model" or "their terrible upline coach". If I don't succeed as a coach, it's MY fault, not the fault of the model which has obviously worked perfectly for thousands of coaches who went before me. So don't believe everything that you read or view online...and of course consider the source.

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Just like your fitness and eating habits, it takes time & consistent effort to reach your goals. It takes a high-achiever who is willing to learn, willing to grow and willing to put instant gratification aside and make sacrifices in their life in order to reap the rewards. This is not a get-rich-quick business. You have to genuinely care about helping someone else. You have to authentically show up online as a leader over and over again even when you don't feel like one. You have to embody our healthy lifestyle and be able to have a vision for your future being brighter. You have to visualize your success, write business goals and then set out each day with that vision in mind, chipping away at the goal one week at a time.

The truth is, not everyone is cut out to be a successful coach. Only you know if you are willing to give it your all and have what it takes to make your dreams your reality. It takes commitment, true passion for health & fitness and the ability to block out your time to work towards growing a team, checking in on your customers and learning new ideas on our training calls.

My favorite part about coaching is helping another coach achieve BIG goals! We do it together, and we find our purpose by being a part of something greater than just ourselves. We cultivate community, friendship and trust...I cherish our Beachbody family and I wish that everyone could truly see this side of the business. If you are thinking about becoming a coach and want to learn more about how we do this, check out Team Energy's vibe here.


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