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Yes, you absolutely can! You may not know this but I joined Beachbody as a discount coach and had NO intention of ever building a business. I wanted a discount on my own products as I got myself in shape and that was it! Obviously a lot has changed and here I am sitting on my empire and team of coaches who are making such a positive impact on the world - but I did not know that at the time I decided to sign up!

So, you're ready to start on your health journey using Beachbody programs and products - girl, give yourself a high five! Making that decision to develop a healthy lifestyle is a reason to celebrate and I wanted to help you figure out HOW to join, depending on your personal preferences.

What are your options?

You can join as a customer, a preferred customer or a coach on Team Beachbody! The way that I enroll my customers and coaches is usually THE SAME (as coaches). Some of them want to build businesses with me and others just want a discount and to feel a part of our community.

When you sign up as a Beachbody coach, you will get 25% off all your product purchases! If you love Shakeology or if you're buying/plan to buy any of the supplements on a monthly basis, this is a significant savings.

I offer ALL of my Fit Club members the option to join as a discount coach. I feel this is the ethical thing to do - because I know they can be saving money so why wouldn't I want to offer that for them? If they found out later that they could have been saving 25% on their products but I never told them, I would feel terrible.

Joining as a preferred customer (PC)/discount coach:


  • What are the perks of joining as a PC/discount coach?

  • What happens if you change your mind?

  • How being a PC/discount coach gets you invited to our team events?

  • Can anyone do this?

  • Do you have to build an actual business?

  • Is there a minimum requirement for products to buy?

  • What fees are involved?

Let's talk Beachbody Coach Perks

  • You're subconsciously telling yourself "I'm not going anywhere" when you join as a coach! Meaning, you aren't just joining Beachbody for one month and then disappearing. You've got skin in the game! You're more likely to truly make a long haul, lifestyle change when you adopt the attitude of joining a team.

  • You'll get first dibs on VIP launches of programs and products as a coach. You're less likely to be waiting for a product that went on backorder if you were able to get your hands on it first. Beachbody likes to offer first dibs to coaches - I truly love that!

  • You will always have the option to start a business promoting the products and lifestyle! You can build a business with Team Beachbody either as "hobby" (part time) coach who wants to earn some extra side money, or you can dive in and become one of our "business builders" to retire yourself from your current job with this opportunity.

  • As a coach you get a 25-40% commission on everything you sell - the profits can add up quickly. It’s important to note that there are no guarantees in terms of income. Everything is dependent on your effort, time invested and skill (which you will develop over time).

  • You hold a spot in our organization so if you decide you want to coach down the road, your placement on our team will go way back to when you originally joined! Which means more potential money earned for yourself. If you decided to become a coach 6 months after you joined as a customer, you'd have a placement later on in the organization and other coaches took a spot that could have been yours.

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What happens if you change your mind?

No problem! You can easily call customer service or coach relations to reduce your status from coach to customer at any time without a penalty. The phone number is not hidden ((800) 804-4333), and the process isn't frustrating. You can still keep all of your subscriptions to products and programs and remain in our Fit Club as a customer. The only thing you're foregoing is your discount, so your products will go back to full price.

Will I be expected to run a business?

Nope! The good news is that there is no sales pressure! If you want to build a big business - good for you! If you just want to join as a coach for the discount and sell nothing, totally fine!

Can anyone do this?

Yes, anyone. You do not have to be a fitness expert or know anything about nutrition. You won't be creating workout or meal plans for anyone - Beachbody pays millions of dollars to their own experts to do that for us!

Discount coaches just show up for themselves in our Fit Clubs. All we do as coaches is HELP someone follow through on their goals by supporting them in a private accountability group. Business builders post on social media and grow a network. The path is up to you.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

The fee for being a preferred customer/coach is $15.95/month, whether you run a business or not. This allows you a 25% discount and all the perks mentioned above. If you are not a business builder there are NO requirements to purchase monthly. If you are a business builder, there are also no requirements however in your training we highly recommend that you are using our products consistently if you are going to be promoting them. Being a product of the product is how we like to phrase it!

Signing up as a Preferred Customer/Discount Coach

I DEFINITELY JUST WANT THE DISCOUNT - HOW DO I GET IT? Well, if you buy a Total Solution Pack (the best deal Beachbody offers), you get all the workouts for a full year, and your first month of Shakeology or Performance Line included. You also get your coach sign up fee waived, so it’s essentially free to join.

Not sure which Total Solution Pack is best for you? Fill out this form to see what your options are and I will be in touch to help get you started!

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WHAT IF I DON’T BUY A TOTAL SOLUTION PACK? HOW ELSE CAN I GET THE COACHING DISCOUNT? You can sign up as a coach at any time for $39.99 and start enjoying the discount on all your future purchases. Just like a BJ's or Costco membership!

If you would like to learn more about becoming a BODi Partner in my organization, click here.


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