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Shakeology is a superfood nutrition shake that’s a

catalyst for positive change.

It helps build a strong nutritional foundation that we need to support us in creating a new lifestyle, like a fitness program or a healthier diet. It works by addressing some nutritional gaps our diets can have with potent ingredients that help support digestive health, provide healthy energy, reduce cravings, and just plain make us feel better. And when we feel better, we do better — making smarter choices and taking on bigger challenges.

That said, I really want to share some thoughts on some of the most common Shakeology myths floating around.

4 Shakeology Myths You Might Have Heard:

  • Shakeology is just a protein shake.

  • Shakeology doesn’t contain whole-food ingredients.

  • Shakeology is expensive.

  • Shakeology is only for weight loss.

Myth #1: Shakeology Is Just a Protein Shake</