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Fitness Bloggers Wanted: A Mentorship Program

If you love posting your fitness journey on social, writing informative captions and shooting some fun videos but you want to learn how to monetize your content without hundreds of affiliate links - this mentorship is for you.

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Hi, I am Jen and I am a self-made fitness blogger turned business owner and if you're here I just wanted to upfront say thanks for reading. I can remember feeling a few things before I started making money online and they were:

  1. I like posting my fitness and food on social but no one would pay me to motivate them so I'll just do it for free

  2. My content is not good enough to turn into a business, I am a small fish in a sea of fitness gurus on Instagram and

  3. I barely have the time to post my content let alone all the affiliate links to ALL THINGS FITNESS and I don't know any other way to make money doing what I love

Well, I'll tell you that there is a need for you. For your individual spin on what you do. For someone to hear a common subject explained only the way you can explain it. For your authenticity and realness over the fake noise that we sometimes find out there. So many women are watching high-content producing fitness influencers and trying to be just like them but in reality what makes money online is being just like YOU.

I have learned what content sells online and it's the quality captions coupled with quality photography. And when I say "sell" I mean SELL. I don't mean engagements, likes, comments or shares.

Did you know that an influencer who has 3,470 likes on a reel might only have 2 sales that day? Totaling less than $20?! Did you know that when you serve your audience with the right content that they need, coupled with a solution to their problem you could earn so much more with only 30 likes on a photo? Yes, it is true and I know this because this is how I earn my income as a BODi partner.

Maybe you have tried the affiliate link route but are finding it hard to keep up with all of the brands to promote. Maybe too often you feel you're in direct competition with yourself when you choose to post links that represent similar brands. You know that if you post tons of different options your viewers are more likely to grab one that they are interested in but MAN - that's a lot of work! If we can't pick a niche to dial down the content guess what - no one buys. Because we're all over the place.

In my New BODi Partner Mentorship, I teach fitness bloggers how to fall in love with our brand and exclusively promote it for a 25-40% commission. We don't just promote or use it once to talk about it in a story and post a link, either. We personally use the fitness routines, the supplements and implement the nutrition style into our own life and join the community of men and women who share a similar love for authentic, old school health and fitness. We partner with a company who pays the experts millions of dollars a year to design workout routines & nutrition plans - that is not on us as influencers. We are no longer calling ourselves coaches. We are PARTNERS! We partner with a brand we trust, a brand that has always been the gold standard in fitness and products - and they are compensating us for sharing our love and bringing others into our communities. Being a partner with BODi has changed my life and know if you are truly someone who loves feeling healthy, this is for YOU as well.

I teach you in my New BODi Partner Mentorship that you don't have to post links to generate sales. You don't have to cover EVERYTHING FITNESS from athletic wear to sneakers to headphones to grocery items to supplements to yoga mats. That is exhausting. I teach you how to niche down and help a specific person achieve a specific goal with their health and wellness.

There is a need for our enthusiasm out there in the online space. We are passionate but let's narrow this down to actually helping people hit some real life goals - while making money. So, yeah we aren't just posting links and hoping someone buys and uses it. We aren't just making $7 on a tank top someone grabbed from a link in our stories. We are attracting people who need help with their personal health and wellness and we are offering them a solution that encompasses a fitness routine, a nutrition plan, a grocery list and weekly meal plan and most importantly - they get US. The coach. The partner with the company. To support them and walk them through the programs. And turns out, our commission rate is higher than any affiliate brand deal you can come across. That is why so many customers turn into partners. Who wouldn't want to get paid to help someone else get healthy?

If you would like to learn more about what we do as BODi partners, or if the thought of streamlining your content to directly reach a specific person who is ready to change and looking for help - please click here.

xo, Jen


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