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How Do Beachbody Coaches Earn Free Trips?

I just returned from the Dominican Republic last month and I've been getting a lot of questions about how I earned the trip as a Team Beachbody coach...and was it really free?

I wanted to explain exactly how I earned an all expense paid trip for my husband and I, for the fourth time! Beachbody put us up at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana for 4 nights. The company hosted parties, live workouts with the super trainers and we even got free credit to the resort which we used for a couples massage in a private house on the water.

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I used to think trips like these were only for the top coaches who made a million dollars a year in this business. I figured these trips weren't truly free and there was fine print somewhere that I'd have to find. So much so that the first year I earned it, I deleted the qualification email - on purpose!!

I never thought that I would earn a trip like this. But now I know HOW it's possible and here to give you the memo - EVERY SINGLE COACH has the opportunity to go on this trip!

Someone sent me a message on Instagram letting me know how "lucky I was for winning this trip"... but I didn't WIN it, I EARNED it along with about 4,000+ other coaches who attended the 2022 Success Club Trip in Punta Cana this year. Each year every Team Beachbody Coach has the opportunity to earn a spot on the Success Club trip.

This ability to EARN a trip is one of the biggest attractions when deciding on how you want to make money online. Plenty of network marketing companies offer this incentive for their reps (aka coaches) and I am so glad I looked into this further! It can be difficult to distinguish between who's an online "influencer" and who's in BUSINESS online. I admit I used to have NO idea what the difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing was, learn about the difference here.

Here's How You Earn Beachbody's Success Club Trip

The trip is "earned" throughout the year based on the number of people that you help get healthy each month. I always have a monthly goal to help a minimum of 3-5 people start their health journey with me. And each person you help accrues as dollars put towards your trip, which in my case ended up covering my entire trip plus my husband. The 4 night hotel stay, the all-inclusive food & drink package -everything was paid for by dollars that I earned each month the year prior - for both of us!

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The Fine Print

Throughout 2021, I accumulated 'success club points' as I helped people get healthy. Coaches earn two points each time someone joins a virtual fitness and nutrition accountability group with their purchase of a total solution pack. As I earned these points throughout the year, I was able to earn the trip for free - PLUS a resort credit which paid for our couple's massage! I did pay a $300 deposit which held my spot & the spot of my husband and I was required to pay my airfare to Punta Cana.

Do you have to work on the trip?

If you follow me on social media you saw that I was still posting online. I made time for my business to work about 30 minutes a day, but this trip was a true VACATION to enjoy! So many coaches actually brought their entire families on this trip. But my husband and I wanted a kid-free trip so ours stayed home.

Do you have to attend the live workouts?

I love the energy of attending the live workouts lead by our Beachbody Super Trainers (who all attend the trip by the way!). The workouts are not required. There are several options of trainers and times available so you can still sleep in and get a workout in if you wanted.

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Want to join me next year?

Any Coach has the opportunity to earn these yearly trips, no matter your rank in the company or the length of time you've been a Coach. This is a trip intended to reward any coach who is part of Beachbody's bigger mission to end the trend of obesity.


If you would like to learn more about becoming a BODi Partner in my organization, click here.


My goal is to help 10 new Coaches get started with their own online fitness business every month. When you join, I'll give you a 2 week intensive training site as well as weekly team calls and a 1:1 mentorship call where we will outline your business goals - and if the Success Club trip is a goal I will give you the exact action steps that are required each day that will ultimately get you there next year!

And, you won't only have this trips as a result, you'll have an amazing start to your own online business!

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Becoming a Coach has changed my life in plenty of positive ways - free trips are not even that high on my list! You have to change your health and then help change others' health by being bold and brave in the online space so that a lot of people see your journey unfold - and you absolutely must stay committed to your business hours in order to earn this trip. I never thought I'd be capable of achieving this and I'm here to tell you that your determination to BE ON THE TRIP NEXT YEAR is what's going to get you there. I am thankful every day for the experiences Coaching has brought me. Want to learn more about coaching? REQUEST TO JOIN OUR NEXT COACH INFO WEBINAR HERE.



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