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My Honest 3 Day Refresh Cleanse Review

If you're thinking that cleanses are not for you - SAMSIES! To be perfectly honest with you, when I hear the word "cleanse" or "detox" I usually cringe. I am NOT someone who can go hours without eating, or commit to a liquid diet, EVER. I am someone who grew up Italian, so my family was always surrounded by food, planned events around food and LIVED FOR FOOD. I am still a major foodie, but at one point along my health and fitness journey I really had to be honest with myself. Even though I worked out almost every day, poor nutrition got the best of me and I stopped seeing results from exercise alone. I had developed some really bad habits over time - like night time snacking, nightly pours of red wine and picking off my kids plates after lunch - and I WAS FEELING IT in my energy levels, and in my lack of results. I was living proof of "the more crap you eat, the more crap you crave". The idea of a cleanse to rid my body of processed foods and even the idea of going vegan for a brief time was appealing to me - I just didn't know if I could honestly commit. It all sounds so harsh and momma loves to eat!

3 day refresh review

Your girl had once tried a 21 day cleanse program years ago & gave up about 12 hours into it! I think it was the length of time that felt like eternity to me and I was out. So when I came across a cleanse that was only 3 days long, I was all ears - but super skeptical!

I found the Beachbody 3 Day Refresh when I was stuck at a weight loss plateau early on in my journey of losing the baby weight. I was already leading an accountability group for women getting fit, so I asked them to please try it with me. We were all extremely nervous but...we are all true believers in this plan now! So much so that I intentionally PLAN for this cleanse a few times each year to keep my health in check! It was the perfect way to get myself back on track with my food choices and to eliminate some toxins that had been building up over time! I call it my secret weapon to reset. And often use it before/after my vacations depending on how I'm doing.


I was pretty surprised to open up my kit and find there wasn't much in there! I quickly realized that I would have to tone down my workouts for the 3 days (made since, we were on a much lower calorie plan during that time). Planning some type of movement was necessary for me so I used this time to do yoga since I knew my body needed more of it.