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Welcome to a wonderful community full of hot messes who love to cook and stay as healthy as possible! This is a community where you can depend on daily inspiration and information...all about FOOD and HEALTH. The goal is to help everyone to overcome obstacles when it comes to your health and fitness journey. We do this by sharing tips, articles we find and of course recipes! 

WHO AM I?? I am Jennifer Stawarz, a Lifestyle Coach with an expertise in weight loss. I am a physical therapist, a mother and a born leader in the fitness industry. I teach other women, mostly moms, how to systematically take the steps required to build a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for their families. I do this by educating them on proper nutrition, reading labels, releasing emotional guilt around food, showcasing the importance of daily exercise on the mind and body, creating a sense of balance and form of stress relief to the whole process rather than having it feel heavy or burdensome. I am a master at teaching moms how to find time for themselves, unapologetically. My clients ,who are committed and self driven, take the information that I provide them, the support and leadership they feel from me, and apply this to their own lives in many different ways to achieve a life that feels balanced to them. I realize there is not only one way to be healthy or one way to get healthy. Embracing the different philosophies, taking the pieces that work for them and molding it into what they need, is how they become successful at weight loss, consistent exercise and a feeling of accomplishment and therefore happiness in their lives. 

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Client Testimonials

"Having limited time with 3 active kids and careers, my wife and I came to the conclusion that our current running routine 3-5x/week and some weight training wasn't giving us the results we needed and we desired something new. We decided to try one of Jen's challenge groups last fall and completed a 60 day challenge. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight and increase endurance & strength. We both realized quick results and I joined another 90 day challenge. I lost weight, gained lean muscle and feel energized. Aside from the great coaching, motivation and support that Jen provides, the Beachbody workouts themselves are top-notch. They are challenging and combine cardio/weights and I love that they get the job done in a short amount of time. These programs have allowed me to work on my personal fitness goals without sacrificing family time. I highly recommend "Coach Jen" and trying a group for yourself!"

Duane Sauer

"Being a lifelong runner I always thought I was in superb shape. Training for half and full marathons kept me in great cardiovascular shape but I soon became stuck in a rut of little definition and tone with my body. I was introduced to Beachbody 2 years ago and couldn't believe the results I saw, there was no way this was my body! I was hooked. After getting pregnant and gaining 47lbs I knew I had to start Beachbody to shed the weight. I worked with Jen to figure out the best program for me and to date have dropped 18lbs! I am 7lbs away from my pre baby weight! The Facebook accountability groups were key for me this time around. It was difficult to be so tired with a newborn and find the energy to work out but I did! I appreciate Jen's "real life" approach to working out. As a busy mom herself she gets that it's not easy and sometimes it down right sucks to get up early to work out! I always look forward to her morning post because I know she is right there with us, working out and eating clean even when it's tough. I never thought I would enjoy working out at home as much as I do with these programs. Plus I save so much money since ditching the gym! (Which I never saw results from). I couldn't recommend Beachbody and Jen enough! It's a game changer!"

Rebecca Sakl

"I started PiYo July 11, 2016. As a mother of two kids under 4 years old, I was searching for a workout that I could incorporate into my busy schedule, help me tone up and lose some of my baby weight. Heading into week 7, I had lost approximately 3 lbs, 8.5 inches overall. I feel so much stronger and flexible. PiYo helped me recommit to fitness."

Camille Olsen

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