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In September, 2015 I began my online health + fitness business with no social media following, no background in marketing or sales, and no team to speak of. I wanted to show other women the solution I had found to my weight struggle - a way to exercise at home, a nutrition plan that gave me results without giving up my favorite foods and a community of women who had similar goals to level up with.  I knew that if I could lose 48 lbs in 6 months, ANYONE could!  I wanted to make a positive impact on the women around me, but I had a lot of learning to do!  I had a big vision to be a leader in the health & wellness industry and scale my business to the top - WITHOUT LEAVING MY KIDS.  

After years of growth and development, I learned my superpower.  I realized that I was a master at setting boundaries around my health goals and in creating discipline around my predictable morning routines.  I formed connections with my customers by teaching them how to design their own routines - and their lives started to change.  We became besties in an accounability group. 

7 years later and I am a top 1% BODi Partner, and I help other moms achieve success with their health + fitness goals and mentor them on starting a business, if they are called to pay it forward like I was.  I show them how to build personal brands by identifying their superpower + build top businesses by bringing realness and authenticity into the online space.  They learn how to be themselves, flaws + all in order to inspire other moms to take care of themselves, without the pressure of having to do it perfectly. The women who join my organization are given the opportunity to earn an income using my duplicatable business strategies and stay home with their kids, too.

I am proof that you CAN grow a business from home with your kids watching! The best part is that they are watching your work ethic, your ability to impact other people in a positive way and they can see you LOVING your job instead of hating one.   My kids are PROUD of their mom - and I show other women exactly how they can do this, too!

A Healthy Hot Mess

beachbody coach

How It All Started

I’m Jen and I am the creator of THE MOMMAS GETTING FIT CIRCLE community.  It is filled with women who all have the desire to change their habits to become healthier AND still enjoy their lives.

I have been a BODi partner (aka I run fitness groups online and help women get in shape and eat clean) for the last 7 years and I have scaled my business to the top 1% of the BODi network WHILE staying home with my kids and saying NO to returning to work full time as a physical therapist. 

The reason I started this business is because when I had my daughter Avery in 2015, I found myself 50 lbs heavier and I had lost all of my healthy habits that I had before kids. My eating habits were out of control, I hadn’t exercised in over a year and I was miserable living in a body I didn't recognize.  

I found a solution to fitting in exercise at home while my kids were napping or running around in the background and to eating better using a simple nutrition philosophy. 


I lost 48 lbs in less than 6 months and I knew that I had stumbled upon absolute GOLD with the lifestyle I had designed for myself.  I knew other women would kill to be in my shoes and be able to say they lost the weight, found time for themselves, mastered eating well without giving up their favorite foods and exuding confidence and having tons of energy every day.  That’s why my business exists because I love to pay it forward and help women get to that point themselves!

I now know that the self care routine that I have established was the KEY to feeling better about myself. In this community, I host free challenges from topics ranging from SELF CARE FOR THE BUSY MOM to CREATING A MORNING ROUTINE and even MEAL PLANNING 101.  I give you plenty of my own personal examples of poor self care, disastrous fails (and how I fixed it), but more importantly, I will teach you how to recognize and and fix your OWN so that YOU change, too.


After Avery was born I had many of the same fears every new mom has.  She was our last so I started ask: will I ever feel like myself again? Will I be proud of my body again?  Day by day, utilizing 30 minute at home workouts and a clean eating meal plan I was able to regain my STRENGTH. I lost the baby weight at home, with both kids by my side, and never compromised spending time with them! Yes, it is possible! 

And not only have I been able to regain my CONFIDENCE but I have been able to make it into a BUSINESS! A business where I wake up every morning and work with other women who are determined to HELP others find the POSITIVE change in their lives. I am able to be a PRESENT mom and show other moms how to be home while simultaneously earning for their families so they can have the same moments with their kids that I have.



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