Meet Jen

In September, 2015 I began my online health and fitness business with no social media following, no idea how to start a business, and no team to speak of. But I had a big dream to be a leader in the health & wellness industry WITHOUT LEAVING MY BABIES.  And now I help give other moms that same opportunity.

6 years later and I am a top 2% coach, and I help other moms achieve success with their health & fitness passion.  I am driven by helping moms build personal brands and top businesses by bringing realness and genuine personalities into the online space.

You can grow a business from HOME with your sweet BABY by your side, let me show you how!

A Healthy Hot Mess



After Avery was born I had many of the same fears every new mom has.  She was our last so I started ask: will I ever feel like myself again? Will I be proud of my body again?  Day by day, utilizing 30 minute at home workouts and a clean eating meal plan I was able to regain my STRENGTH. I lost the baby weight at home, with both kids by my side, and never compromised spending time with them! Yes, it is possible! 

And not only have I been able to regain my CONFIDENCE but I have been able to make it into a BUSINESS! A business where I wake up every morning and work with other women who are determined to HELP others find the POSITIVE change in their lives. I am able to be a PRESENT mom and show other moms how to be home while simultaneously earning for their families so they can have the same moments with their babies that I have.

You can grow a business from HOME with your sweet BABY by your side! With a little naptime hustle I can show you how! 


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