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Commit to Staying Fit Through the Holidays Challenge

Here’s what usually happens around the holidays:

  • Getting to the gym takes a backseat because you’re more committed to enjoying holiday work parties, taking your kids to the Polar Express Train ride, Festival of Lights or ice-skating at Rockefeller Center in the city.

  • You are running all over creation after work during the week buying presents and have NO idea what dinner will be so there goes your “diet” and you’re spending too much money on unhealthy take-out.

  • If ONE more co-worker brings in their Halloween candy or bakes another apple pie you’re going to stab your eyes out.

  • You are too stressed to even think about adding in workouts, clean eating or anything positive for yourself.

  • If you had the all the money you wasted on a gym membership last year, you’d be able to pay for Christmas presents with cash (#truthbomb).

  • You will gain your typical 8-10 pounds and make a New Year’s Resolution to lose it in January.




I am excited to announce that my next Beachbody challenge group will start on 11-8-2021! 

It will be an exclusive group of 20-30 individuals who will all commit to a 4 day/week Beachbody fitness program called LIIFT4 and will replace one meal per day with Shakeology.  This group will be provided one on one attention such as daily motivation, accountability and support through a private Facebook group to support each other.  I will keep everyone plugged in through social media and you'll be emailed a weekly meal plan with recipes and a grocery list! I am so excited to share my knowledge and expertise with others who are desperate to make a BIG change! 


If you have a special event in the near future or just want to look amazing for the upcoming holiday season then this is your time to shine!  If you are interested in joining but have further questions, please email me at for the details!  To reserve your spot, apply here.  

The Holiday Survival Challenge, will give you:

  1. Structured, strategically designed workouts for you to follow in 40 minutes a day, 4 days per week (3 REST DAYS EACH WEEK!) from your own home. Whenever it works for you - SO DOABLE for this season.

  2. A weekly schedule of workouts already planned for you that will incorporate all of the necessary types of training that burn fat fast.

  3. A dense, all natural super-food shake that gives your body all of it's daily requirements of nutrients in one meal so your cravings stop and your energy is through the roof.  Shakeology details.  

  4. Support from me (a health coach and physical therapist) in order to set goals, monitor progress, tweak routines and someone who will check in with you when I think you're struggling - which can be THE REASON you stick with a program this time.  I will personally walk you through the process of HOW to change your eating patterns, help you pick an exercise program that meets your ability level AND check in with you daily to keep you on track.

  5. Support from other health-minded individuals who are in this together!  You'll have a place to share your struggles and your success, in a judgement-free-zone!  Positivity, motivation, support and compassion for your healthy lifestyle journey.


This exact program in itself doesn’t even exist with a personal trainer - who by the way could cost you up to $500/month!!!   If your goal is getting healthy, watching your portions, and exercising, you’ve got the best value with my HOLIDAY SURVIVAL CHALLENGE!  This program will cost you $160 to join  ($140 on sale for a limited time only), and $130 per month to continue.  Yup, that's it.  Hard to compare what you get to anything else out there.  




*ask me how to get a 3-day detox cleanse added to your order! Date TBD, post Thanksgiving for sure!


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