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My NUMBER ONE Trick for Breaking Through a Plateau!


You know it’s coming. You’ve been working out consistently, eating every piece of organic produce available, drinking your water. You succeeded in burning fat and losing those initial pounds. It’s normal to think that because you’re sweating during your workouts and eating clean that the scale will continue to move in the right direction. Then that dreaded plateau hits. And you’re super frustrated because it seems like no matter what you do you’re efforts are not being rewarded. You may even start to doubt yourself and question why you’re even bothering. Even worse, you may start to self sabotage and go crazy with a whole bunch of chocolate or cookies because you figure it won’t even make a difference. Nothing you’re doing seems to be working anymore.

Maybe you just need ONE trick that can keep things going all the time.

When you’re giving it your all, you need some motivation to keep going. Here’s what you need to do: put your body into shock.

Seems simple, right? But how in the world do you actually do this. And once you hear, you’ll wonder how you missed this simple trick.

Your body needs adaptation. Because it’s so smart and efficient that if you’re doing the same old same old at the gym all the time, it gets GOOD at it. So your body composition stops changing. Your body’s metabolism evolves quickly. This is why people who are eating a super low calorie diet are still not moving the scale and are actually holding onto fat. If you want to bust through a plateau, keep reading. You want your body to continue to change!

weight loss plateau

My Favorite Plateau Busters: 3 Ways to Trick Your Body Into Rapid Fat Loss Using SHOCK!


If you’ve been following a particular way of eating (for example Paleo, low carb), then you have to switch it up for 7 days to shock your system. Try using a higher carb (GOOD CARB) routine for 1 week. Then get on the scale and remeasure your body. If this works for you, then consider incorporating a 1-2 higher carb days into your week OR for a full week every 6 weeks.


Time to switch your workout program! Are you a cardio queen? A runner who hasn’t lifted a weight in years? Or the opposite - are you consistent with the weights but slack in the cardio department? Are you combining it all every week? CHANGE IT UP. Change could also mean taking an entire week off if you’re overtraining. Take a good look at what you’ve actually been doing and think of ways to incorporate more yoga, more sweating or more weights - something you haven’t been doing.


This is a HUGE one for me. If you’re constantly go-go-go and never spend time on relaxing or getting enough sleep then your stress hormones might be going crazy (causing you to hold on to stubborn fat).

You might be someone who only does a workout half-ass and never picks up the intensity, is never consistent with it or picks random times during the week whenever you can leave your desk early to get it in. Time to change that pattern and get serious.

Shock your lifestyle by doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Set your alarm clock for 5 am and get sweating early in the morning VS your normal after-work workout at the gym.

If you’re following me on social media (Facebook or Instagram), you will see that I have changed up my routine completely lately. I am practicing yoga each night after the kids go to bed and sleeping in later in the morning. You may know that this is drastically different from my typical 6 am workouts of high intensity interval training. So I switched both the lifestyle and the type of training.

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