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6 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain at Holiday Parties

Tis the season for over indulging!!! I LOVE the holidays. But I am in the weight loss business, so I'm constantly coaching others about losing this time of year and avoiding the typical 8-10lb gain. All the sweet, carb-filled holiday treats can sometimes add stress to your celebrations, am I right?! I’d like to share with you how to enjoy all the foods of the season while still staying true to your weight-loss goals.

Keep things in perspective! Seeing your friends and family at these holiday gatherings is a great reminder that the holidays are about so much more than the food. It's really NOT about the food, unless we make it that way. When you focus on what really matters, it’s not so hard to let a treat or two pass you by.

In fact, there’s no reason you can’t successfully lose weight (or at least maintain your weight) during the holidays. Trust me, my girls and I in the Holiday Survival Bootcamp are DOING it! But it helps to have the right mindset — and a plan — for getting through holiday meals and parties keeping your weight-loss goals intact.

6 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

1. Eat a filling breakfast and lunch

Don’t starve yourself before the big meal! You may think you’re “saving up calories,” but the hungrier you are when you arrive, the more