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How I lost 4 lbs with the 3 Day Refresh!

To be perfectly honest with you, when I hear the word "cleanse" or "detox" I usually cringe. I am NOT someone who can go hours without eating, or commit to a liquid diet, EVER. I grew up Italian and I am someone who has always been surrounded by food, plan events around food and LIVE FOR FOOD lol. I had once tried a 21 day "clean eating cleanse" type program years ago and gave up about 12 hours into it! So if you're thinking that cleanses are not for you - I suggest you keep reading so you can hear how I made it through to the other side! Because this one is SO different.

Like I said, I didn't buy into the whole liquid diet thing. Especially for days on end - so juice cleanses for me are out. I understand the health benefits that they claim to have but that seems WAY TOO EXTREME for me!

When I decided to offer the 3 Day Refresh to some of my customers who were looking to get ready for an event, or kickstart their clean eating habits, I KNEW that I had to not only suggest it but - yikes! - I had to DO it with them. I HAD to know what it was like if I was going to stand behind it and offer it for others. All-in I went, and not very happily.

Honestly, it was getting harder to say no to pizza, french fries, ice cream, eating off my kids plate, snacking through making dinner etc.... and I WAS FEELING IT in my energy levels, and in my focus. I was living proof of "the more crap you eat, the more crap you crave". So, I decided to give the 3 Day Refresh a try with my customers and I am a true believer in this plan now! So much so that I intentionally PLAN for this cleanse a few times each year to keep my health in check!

Each day, I chose to eat the same menu plan in order to make my grocery shopping and budgeting easier, but the program offers several varieties of great recipes for you to try!!! Here is what my day looked like!

I can honestly say I was never super hungry on this cleanse and I felt VERY energized throughout the whole thing. I chose not to do my typical hardcore exercising during my 3 days simply due to the lower caloric intake. So I did some MUCH NEEDED yoga to keep myself in the daily exercise habit and to get the circulation moving. On the first day, I had a slight headache due to caffeine withdrawal (I think?), but when I drank my afternoon green tea I felt better. I assumed the headache was also part of the detox process and I embraced it, knowing my body was doing what it had to do to eliminate the accumulated toxins in my body! BRING IT ON!

The morning after I completed my 3 day refresh, I felt focused, had more energy, all of my puffiness and bloating was GONE. I was really, really surprised to see that as a benefit and I truly felt amazing!!! If feeling lighter in mood and body is a thing, then I had that! Check out my results below!!!

Want to know how you can use this same method to drop some bloat, inches and weight? Get Yours Here!

(If you are already a customer of mine, contact me to learn how to get it at a discount!)

If you have tried lots of “quick fixes” and nothing sticks, I am here to tell you that you totally stumbled upon the right blog, my friend. Every month, I run challenge groups! What the heck is a CHALLENGE GROUP? Read it!

Bascially, we workout and I teach you everything there is to know about clean eating. Everything is done through a private group where I provide you with daily accountability, motivation, recipes, tips, daily challenges, and anything else you may need for SUCCESS!! My challengers have the ability to log their workouts, their nutrition, and track their progress. If I see someone isn’t tracking their adventure, you can be SURE I’ll be there to make sure they are doing okay and provide any help they need.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you can contact me by filling out the Challenge Group Application and I will get back to you within 24 hours!



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