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What happens when you combine MINDSET with WORKOUTS?

A personal transformation.

You are going to learn how to CONQUER your mind and body in this workout program!

  • 20 minutes a day

  • 6 days a week

  • 6 weeks

I have a special place in my heart for Shaun T because it was only after doing his T25 program that I could see my abs again after having my kids! I can remember swearing through all the burpees and listening to his motivation along the way, and week by week I would see more definition and feel ALL of that core strength coming back - that us moms lose and sometimes NEVER find!!! And, as crazy as it sounds (I swear no one believes me when I tell them) I accomplished this in 25 minutes a day from my own house! So, needless to say I'm forever grateful for finding him! He's like a teddy bear that you want to squeeze and love but also want to punch when he has you doing your millionth push up LOL. Bottom line - HE GOT ME RESULTS! And I've never looked back.