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Clean Week: An Intro Into Health & Fitness

This is for anyone who follows me and my fitness journey but you're not quite sure you want to commit to a full month of clean eating, 30 minute workouts, meal planning, and starting a new lifestyle!! I get it - you think we are nuts!  It seems super overwhelming and even though you'd like to try it, you're terrified of the commitment!  I absolutely love clean eating and I started my journey on improving my health a few years ago.  I lost all of my baby weight (over 40 lbs) and I have taught my family how to incorporate clean eating so that we all live a healthier lifestyle, not just Mom.  I have a brand new tool to help you start understanding the basics of clean eating - without the commitment. 

Clean Week is only one week long and will show you how easy it is to make healthy choices and give you the confidence to take the next step. This allows you to sample the program for a week, to help you test out the products and be a part of my support & accountability group so I can teach you how to plan and prep, keep you motivated and share some of my tips and tools with you! CLEAN WEEK lets you “try on” a healthy lifestyle for just 7 days, no strings attached!!! 

This video will explain the details:

You know you need to make a change, but you’re not sure where to start – Clean Week is your answer! This is a great program for beginners and those who have tried a fitness program and failed or haven’t started because they’re afraid to fail. This is the perfect program for anyone who is scared to start!!

How does Clean Week work?

Clean Week is a 7-day fitness and nutrition program designed to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle with new super trainer Megan Davies. You will get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a week’s supply of Shakeology.

The Workouts

Clean Week comes with four 30-minute workouts: cardio, strength, core function, and flexibility. These workouts are accessed in our on-demand library but you do not have to have a membership with Clean Week.  The only equipment required is a set of dumbbells for the strength workout. 

The Nutrition Plan

There is NO calorie counting in this program!! You will receive a step-by-step meal planner that breaks it all down for you with delicious foods and a sample supply of Shakeology. Packed with all the nutrients, vitamins, and protein that you need, Shakeology will help curb your cravings and boost your immunity. The regular Shakeology sampler comes with 2 packets of chocolate, 2 packets of vanilla, 2 packets of cafe latte, and 1 packet of strawberry. There is also a vegan Shakeology sampler available.

The Support and Accountability

The best part of Clean Week is the support and accountability you get from my Challenge Group! In a closed Facebook group starting on February 5th, I will provide you with daily motivation, tips, tricks, and everything you need  to make it through the week successfully!! I am going to be adding you to my closed online accountability and support group to give you daily tips, motivation, accountability and more.

Can one week really make a difference?

YES!!! This is the first step in making better choices and building better habits. If you stick with the program for the full 7 days, you will start to see and feel changes in your body. Plus you will increase your confidence and you’ll be ready to continue your fitness journey!!!

If you are interested, fill out the application below!!

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