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Morning Workout Goodness

Working out is important - we know that!! So in this post, I'm going to try to show you the benefits of a morning workout. Bare with me. I didn't always used to be this nuts about my early sweat fests. Before I had kids, I'd drive to the gym after work or get in a run at some point. But as you other working moms learn quickly, we are way too tired for that!!  A majority of the people I coach are physical therapists lately. Lift weights or do a push up after treating patients all day?? Just the thought of it now makes me exhausted. If you've skipped more workouts than you'd like to admit for this reason you need to read the rest of this article. It may seem impossible right now if you're no

Why Running is NOT Helping You Lose Weight!

Are you a runner? Great. You're doing yourself some cardiovascular good. But you're probably frustrated that your weight loss has plateaued or you're still not happy with the shape of certain body parts (legs, arms, abdominals). Running has become the most popular method of exercise after walking. And while I definitely consider you better off for running than being a couch potato, it's likely not giving your body the shape you want or burning fat as effectively as you could be. Running is a long duration cardio exercise and that does not equal effective fat loss. Long duration cardio at the same, steady pace is not only ineffective, but promotes injury. Did you know that statistically

What Is The All Access Beachbody On Demand Challenge Pack + Membership

Times are changing in the fitness world! It is still the same process to getting healthy and feeling your best. You have to put in the work to get the results and there is no quick fix. But, there are now more options than ever to have access to the tools that can help you achieve the look and feel that you want! I began my fitness journey with Team Beachbody a year and a half ago after my daughter was born. I started with PiYo, which is a yoga/pilates/core strengthening style, no impact workout. I fell in love with it. I started telling all of my friends about it. Obsessed. I would wake up every morning to a hungry infant and after her feeding I would force myself down into my baseme

A Healthy Hot Mess by Jennifer Stawarz