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3 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

HOW do we begin to change when we have failed a million times before? HOW do we convince ourselves we can actually be the healthier version of us, when we've never seen her before? I'm not giving you a recipe to eat today. I'm not giving you crunches to do. I'm not even here to tell you to meditate or journal out your emotions (which all work, by the way).

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I have 3 TANGIBLE mindset tips and to-dos that must be in place for you BEFORE you decide to eat healthier. BEFORE you grocery shop in the fruit aisle and BEFORE you complete your first workout. MY BEST LIFESTYLE SHIFT HACKS:

1. TELL SOMEONE! Aside from your journal entry, someone close to you in your life should know what your goals are. Communication with your spouse or BFF is critical because if you’re the only one who’s aware of wanting to change some unhealthy behaviors, it leaves room for unintentional influences that people close to you may tempt you with without realizing it. They would probably choose to support your boundaries and new choices if they know your wishes. 2. SET A BIG, CRAZY GOAL! Break down your ultimate goal (losing 30 lbs, quitting smoking/soda/alcohol/sugar/fast food) into smaller, weekly and daily goals that align with your ultimate end result. For instance, week 1 you could replace 2 of your normal sodas with sparkling water. Week 2, you could take 4 walks after dinner instead of just one for the week). 3. EMBODY WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME! Is there someone in your life who inspires you? Who seems to get it right all the time? When you’re making your daily choices (with food, exercise, getting enough sleep, reading vs watching TV), ask yourself how you could make the choices that that person would make. "What would ____ do?" You become like them by making small behavioral changes daily, and over time it becomes second nature. Embody the actions that allow you to become who you want to be.

Personally, I am starting my summer following a new workout and journaling program called Fire + Flow.