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Like the rest of you, I have no clue when we will be allowed to emerge into the world thanks to COVID-19. I'm hoping and praying it's by Memorial Day (or sooner!) and that our summer can somewhat resemble normal.

This quarantine has been difficult on so many levels. People are emotionally struggling, physically struggling, financially struggling and every aspect of life seems to be out of place.

What I'm also hearing: literally EVERYONE that I talk to is complaining that all they do is drink wine and crave sweets right now while stuck at home. The snacks are there and so hard to resist. People are reaching for comfort foods because let's face it, we SO often emotionally eat! Myself included. They also tell me that their spouse and kids make it worse because they don't support any effort to try to be healthy. They've gained weight in the past month and don't like how they feel.

This month only, I've decided to host a nutrition support & accountability group that:

  • gives you a weekly meal plan

  • gives you a 30 day supply of superfoods that help curb cravings to sweets

  • teaches you how to meal prep

  • gives you nutritional videos to watch and understand HOW to eat healthier

  • gives you 75 kids' lunch recipes

  • gives you support from others who have similar food goals right now

  • provides coaching in a private setting for 30 days until you get it down

Will you join us?

Read the details below!

(I only host these 'nutrition only' challenges a few times per year, btw) I am calling the challenge "EMERGING ON MEMORIAL DAY" in the hopes that we can re-enter the world healthier than the first month we spent in quarantine. And ditch (or prevent) the extra 15 lbs while stuck in the house.

The Details

I personally have a passion for creating a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. I do not believe in fad diets but in establishing new habits that make sure you're eating healthy but still allow you to enjoy some of the things you love most (like wine and cheese!). I'm Italian and if someone told me I'd have to give up the things that I loved to be healthy, I'd refuse.

Over the past 4 years I have been on my own personal health and fitness journey. It began in 2015 after the birth of our daughter Avery.

Having almost 50 lbs of baby weight to lose, I quickly realized that my "Cardio Queen" self was actually going to have to look at what I was eating, not just focus solely on exercise this time. I was introduced to clean eating & learned that 80% of your results actually come from the foods that you eat. I spent hours reading about clean eating, learning proper portion size, reading nutrition labels, overhauling our kitchen and changing my own habits. I was kind of annoying to be around because I was a label reading freak who wanted to tell the WORLD that what they were eating mattered!!! I felt so called to teach what I had learned to other moms who felt like they didn’t have time, they didn’t have money or they had no idea where to start. I knew first hand the EXCUSES and the objections that come up when you're a mom. The focus is rarely on us, so I quickly identified with other moms who just assumed that it's the way life had to be - just kick yourself to that backburner for another year or two. NOPE. WRONG. It can be done, I did it and I'm here to share the system that totally worked for me!

After 6 months I reached my goal weight and continued on to completely change the way that I cooked, grocery shopped, ate and fed my family.

Autumn Calabrese is the trainer who walked me through this program 4 years ago. I was really aligned with the principles she taught about food. I strongly believed that eliminating processed foods was a GREAT idea, having a background of severe allergies. Her system was appealing to me because it was EASY. And if I was going to commit with a newborn and 2 year old it had to be simple.

I believed in the principles, I understood the science behind it and I shared it with others.

The system I used back then gave us the tools, the rules and the plan, but it really just scratched the surface. The program’s nutritional guide didn’t go into deep detail about WHY you eat this way. It wasn’t until Autumn created Ultimate Portion Fix last March that all the puzzle pieces came together!! We are not just giving you these color coded containers and telling you to figure it out or trust us! We are giving you the science and the WHY behind why you eat this way. When you know WHY you are doing something, you are much more likely to stick with it.

I’m so beyond excited to link arms with YOU and teach you how to truly make a lifestyle change with the THE EMERGING ON MEMORIAL DAY NUTRITION CHALLENGE!!!


As a coach I get to run challenge groups on Facebook, which is basically a safe space for my clients to talk about their daily challenges and cheer each other on. It’s an online support group and I provide motivation and tips from my own personal toolbox that have helped me to create a sustainable lifestyle for myself and others. It is honestly one of my favorite parts about coaching because I love being able to help you crush your health and fitness goals and give you an environment where you can also make new friends.

In my The Prep Yo'Self challenge group, I am also going to help you with:

  • meal planning

  • understanding portion sizes

  • cutting out processed foods

  • dealing with your sugar addictions

  • tackling emotional eating patterns

  • how to stay on track when you are traveling or busy

  • getting your whole family on board with clean eating

  • and more!

The group will start on April 27th and workouts are optional!

I am definitely going to ENCOURAGE you to workout, however it is not required to join this challenge. If you are someone who DOES want to exercise, just tell me and we can add that to your plan! I was recently featured in a Redfin article about how to create a workout space and stay on track during trying times. Take a peek and learn 5 Ways to Create a Self Care Sanctuary.

How Can I Join?

Fill out the application below so that I can see exactly what will best fit for YOU. There are a few different options available so I want to get you the best price and ONLY what you will need.

In order to participate in my EMERGING ON MEMORIAL DAY NUTRITION CHALLENGE group, I must be your coach and you must purchase a package with me.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the application to join my EMERGING ON MEMORIAL DAY NUTRITION CHALLENGE group on April 27th! I only have a few spots available - AND ENROLLING THIS WEEK ONLY!

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