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80 Day Spring Fitness Challenge!


This is for the person who is READY to take their fitness and nutrition up a notch! When they say 'obsessed', they're not kidding.

I will be honest, when I first heard about this program, I thought to myself, "yeah I am ALL SET with being any more obsessed with my fitness than I already am". MY GOAL is to teach people how to find BALANCE in life without feeling controlled by workouts or food! I'm more of a 'find a healthy balance so that it's sustainable' kind of coach. That has been my approach in the past and for SOME, it works well. For others, they NEED MORE structure, more explicit rules. Autumn (the trainer & creator of 80DO) gives us rules and structure, that's for sure! And after completing 2 rounds of 80DO myself (winter of 2018 and spring of 2019), I realized it is NOT about becoming obsessed with the scale or how you look. It's about becoming obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle, knowing what it takes to stay committed, feeling the change and progression that occurs when you finally DO become committed (aka OBSESSED!) with taking care of yourself! When we take care of OURSELVES first, it impacts everyone around us! 80 Day Obsession taught me how to evaluate and change my self care. Think: taking the time to stretch, relax in a bath every week, treat myself to a massage and to view strength training as a positive thing that women can do for their bodies! Let me ask you - what could you GAIN from 80 days of overcoming hurdles, trust, dedication, commitment, and HARD WORK???

Here's my HONEST review from 2 years ago:


This program is a game changer. I don't like to have favorite programs because I truly love so many of them but THIS ONE HOLDS SUCH A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. Because it gave me so much more confidence as a coach, as a leader and taught me that I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!! And I watched SEVERAL of my friends break through plateaus, build self esteem and finally commit to exercise & nutrition like never before with this program.


Autumn really breaks it down with this program. It focuses on your arms, abs and booty, and let me tell you, IT WORKS! If you have weight to lose you are going to shed pounds, build lean muscle and yo