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Ultimate Portion Fix: Smarter Meal Planning

The Portion Fix is REVAMPED! I am so excited for you to experience this program because I know how much these portion controlled containers changed my life after I had my kids! I found myself eating wayyyy out of proportion (put down the 3rd taco!) and adjusting to proper portions after being pregnant and breastfeeding is NOT EASY, and no one tells you how hard it is! This is the system that helped me lose over 40 lbs of that baby weight and now it's getting even BETTER!

Portion control is just the beginning. In this new program, Autumn Calabrese introduces other nutrition principles like balanced macronutrients and eliminating processed foods from your diet. She also dives into your SUGAR ADDICTION (this is going to be priceless). The Ultimate Portion Fix will help you break your sugar addiction, get your whole family on board with eating healthy, and teach you how to maximize your nutrition for performance (aka get more results from your workouts!!).

The Ultimate Portion Fix is about giving your body exactly what it needs to operate at its best! No starving. Not a random point-system that disregards the source of your foods. No fasting. Not a fad diet. This is how you enjoy food AND get the most out of it because it feeds your body what it needs in the right ratio!