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How to Reduce Holiday Stress

I always start out this time of year telling myself that I'm going to ENJOY the season, I won't schedule in so many fun things that it stops being fun, and that I won't let myself get overwhelmed by the things that don't matter (#presents). Inevitably, at some point I lose my freaking mind. I overbook myself, I watch other people on social media doing "better" things than I scheduled for us and I find myself feeling really, really crappy about the experience that I'm giving my kids and to be honest, MY OWN Holiday experience as an adult, a mom, a daughter, a sister and a human! This kind of stress is bad enough, then add in the actual time it takes to buy, wrap, bake, attend's a really hard time of year to keep it all together! And that is if no one gets sick and run down during the season, too. #ohhellno

Over the past 3 years as a health & fitness coach, I've really worked on personal development and paying attention to what matters. Controlling my thoughts, staying positive and developing a mindset that serves rather than succumbing to negativity and drama. I'm taking this mentality with me into this Holiday season because if you think about it, we could make "holiday stress" a great opportunity to teach us how to manage "any time" stress. It all starts with having our priorities straight so we are clear on what matters and what doesn't.

5 Tips for Holiday Stress Relief:

1. Write in your journal