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Client Testimonials

What Does A Fitness Challenge Do For You?

"Having limited time with 3 active kids and careers, my wife and I came to the conclusion that our current running routine 3-5x/week and some weight training wasn't giving us the results we needed and we desired something new. We decided to try one of Jen's challenge groups last fall and completed a 60 day challenge. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight and increase endurance & strength. We both realized quick results and I joined another 90 day challenge. I lost weight, gained lean muscle and feel energized. Aside from the great coaching, motivation and support that Jen provides, the Beachbody workouts themselves are top-notch. They are challenging and combine cardio/weights and I love that they get the job done in a short amount of time. These programs have allowed me to work on my personal fitness goals without sacrificing family time. I highly recommend "Coach Jen" and trying a group for yourself!"

Duane Sauer

"Being a lifelong runner I always thought I was in superb shape. Training for half and full marathons kept me in great cardiovascular shape but I soon became stuck in a rut of little definition and tone with my body. I was introduced to Beachbody 2 years ago and couldn't believe the results I saw, there was no way this was my body! I was hooked. After getting pregnant and gaining 47lbs I knew I had to start Beachbody to shed the weight. I worked with Jen to figure out the best program for me and to date have dropped 18lbs! I am 7lbs away from my pre baby weight! The Facebook accountability groups were key for me this time around. It was difficult to be so tired with a newborn and find the energy to work out but I did! I appreciate Jen's "real life" approach to working out. As a busy mom herself she gets that it's not easy and sometimes it down right sucks to get up early to work out! I always look forward to her morning post because I know she is right there with us, working out and eating clean even when it's tough. I never thought I would enjoy working out at home as much as I do with these programs. Plus I save so much money since ditching the gym! (Which I never saw results from). I couldn't recommend Beachbody and Jen enough! It's a game changer!"

Rebecca Sakl

"I started PiYo July 11, 2016. As a mother of two kids under 4 years old, I was searching for a workout that I could incorporate into my busy schedule, help me tone up and lose some of my baby weight. Heading into week 7, I had lost approximately 3 lbs, 8.5 inches overall. I feel so much stronger and flexible. PiYo helped me recommit to fitness."

Camille Olsen

Get in Shape with A Healthy Hot Mess by Jennifer Stawarz

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