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Will Beachbody's Job 1 Program Help You Find Time For Fitness in 2022

Beachbody’s newest workout program, Job 1, just launched this December! This program is EVERYTHING when it comes to being very efficient with our precious time. Our commitment with Job 1 is only 20 minutes/day using super efficient workouts that are designed to get you results in the least amount of time possible. So many of the women that I work with struggle with finding the time to exercise. I feel this program solves that problem, and it's getting our friends amazing results! Here are all the details...

Who is Job 1 For?

Job 1 is a great program for anyone who classifies themselves as BUSY and who doesn’t currently have a lot of time to fit in exercise. The whole idea of Job 1 is to get you to schedule in your workouts like they are just as important as your job! And if you can’t fit in 20 minutes, 5 days a week – then it’s clearly not a priority for you to workout.

Who is Jennifer Jacobs?

job 1

Jennifer Jacobs is the newest Beachbody trainer - and I am in a super girl crush about it. Jennifer is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness nutrition specialist, and she’s also a certified indoor cycling instructor through Schwinn and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Jennifer is well known as the most popular Peloton cycling instructors before coming to Beachbody.

What Are the Job 1 Workouts Like?

Job 1 is a 4 week program with 5 20-minute workouts each week. The workouts are very beginner friendly, but the program can challenge all fitness levels. The muscle group pairings for this program are very unique, so we’re going to do some things we’ve never done before - I am really looking forward to that and feel it's an added bonus for anyone who is already working out and struggling to get past a plateau. Click there to see my favorite ways to bust past a fitness plateau. Switching up the moves is the key - and this program is sure to do that for us.

Job 1 workouts are fast paced, efficient and high energy. Jennifer’s coaching style is no-non sense (I LOVE this style!) and if you want someone to tell you like it is, she's going to! You will sweat a lot in 20 minutes & leave it all on the floor! As always, what you put in you will get out. I am going to mentally prepare (and take my Energize!) before the workout in order to get through it.

There are 3 strength workouts per week and 2 cardio workouts per week. There are also 4 optional cycling workouts that you can swap for the cardio days or add on if you have extra time some days. In addition, I am looking forward to the added 5 bonus workouts called “overtime workouts” – Legs, Glutes, Upper Body, Core, and Stretch!

Just for a bonus, Job 1 has a cycling portion which is completely optional! No bike is required for this program, all you need are dumbbells & resistance loops. If you have a MYX bike or any other stationary bike, there are 4 bonus cycling workouts called HIIT & Hills, HIIT & Tabata, 20 Minute Sweat Sweat Session & Power Climb. You can also do Jennifer’s BODi cycling workouts if you have that platform!

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Here’s What the Job 1 Workout Calendar Looks Like:

Monday: Start Strong

Tuesday: HIIT it OR Bonus Cycling Workout

Wednesday: Build and Burn

Thursday: 20 Minute Sweat Session OR Bonus Cycling Workout

Friday: Finish Stronger

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Job 1 Free Sample Workout

Try the Job 1 workout FREE here.

Join My Job 1 VIP Fit Club Group!

I am hosting a very private 4 Week Job 1 VIP accountability group starting January 3rd. I will be doing this exact program with everyone in this group for the very first time, all together! This group is going to be all about making time for ourselves in the New Year! Putting ourselves on the calendar and on the to-do list! My hope is for our group to truly be a place where you can come and work on yourself. The January Fit Club will have a heavy emphasis on nutrition as well, perfect for after the holiday season!

I really can’t wait for this! If you’d like to join us, please fill out this form.

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