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Mushroom & Basil Omelette with Side Smashed Tomato


2 tomatoes , halved

3 medium eggs

1 tbsp snipped chive

300g chestnut mushroom , sliced

1 tsp unsalted butter

2 tbsp low-fat cream cheese

1 tbsp finely chopped basil leaves


1. Heat grill to its highest setting and place the tomatoes on a square of foil.

2. Turn occasionally to prevent burning.

3. When tomatoes are slightly scorched, remove from grill, squashing slightly to release juices.

4. Mix eggs in a bowl with a fork.

5. Add a splash of water and mix.

6. Add chives and a bit of black pepper, and beat just a bit more. Then set aside.

7. In a non-stick frying pan, heat butter over a medium heat until it's foaming.

8. Add mushrooms and cook for approximately 5-7 mins (until they are tender). Stir every little bit to prevent burning. Then remove and set aside once cooked.

9. Briskly stir egg mixture.

10. Add to the hot pan covering entire base of the pan. Leave for approximately 10 to 12 seconds or until it begins to set.

11. With a fork, gently stir the egg anywhere that any unset mixture needs to get cooked.

12. While egg mixture is slightly loose, spoon the mushroom mixture onto one side of omelette, then top with the cream cheese as well as basil leaves.

13. Flip the other side of the omelette over to cover.

14. Cook for approximately 1 minute more.

15. Cut in half and then slide each half onto a plate.

16. Serve immediately with tomatoes placed on the side.

17. Enjoy!


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