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Can I Get In Shape In 30 Days?

Since it's almost the New Year, most of us are starting to think about creating a new routine for ourselves that will STICK in 2023. One of the most common questions I get asked in my coaching business is "Can I get in shape in 30 days?". And they're usually asking that because they have some kind of event or trip in mind that they want to look and feel their best for. I totally get it.

Let me answer: YES. Kind of.

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Before I tell you how, we've got to consider exactly why we ask such a question, though. Bear with me here, but can we dive a little deeper into the psychology for a second?

The most common reason a person will ask if they can achieve their fitness goal within a month is because they have already given up on the idea that they would likely continue their new, healthy behavior beyond the 30 day mark! Think about that. Why else would it truly matter how quickly the results would come? Sure, the trip, but if they weren't planning on giving up after that time frame, they would have asked "how much progress will I see in 30 days" in preparation for their event.

We are way too quick to give up unless we see immediate results. Now that we understand where these instant gratification type questions arise from, let me just tell you that of course you can drop weight and build a bit of muscle in 30 days. But don't expect those results to last any longer than you're willing to put in the effort. No one wants to hit a goal after one month and then revert back to old habits, their same old struggles and obstacles, same issues with clothes feeling snug and their old, unhealthy behaviors. That is NOT what we truly desire, so it's really up to that individual to make a lasting change. Not a month long mindset. So, let's not plan that way to begin with.

If we want sustainable results, we have to be willing to establish and maintain sustainable behaviors.

My best tips for designing a January fitness and nutrition plan for yourself are super easy:

  • set realistic goals

  • take it one day at a time

  • plan ahead for obstacles

  • reward yourself for the wanted, new behavior

  • take a before photo and a daily photo after that

In 30 days here's what you can accomplish:

  • 24 workouts (if you exercise Monday through Friday)

  • learning how to plan and enjoy 4 cheat meals

  • finding new, healthy recipes and navigating through some initial family objections to your new cooking

  • knowing first hand what it feels like to be properly hydrated

  • giving yourself a high-five when you realize just how far you could come in 30 days

  • create a side by side comparison of your before photo with your most recent - PROOF that what you are doing is working and motivation to continue.

To achieve what no one else has, you must be willing to do what no one else does.