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Beginner's Basics: A Simple Approach to Creating A Healthy Routine For Newbies


Starting Monday, February 21.

A 3 week program dedicated to helping you understand the process of creating healthy habits that actually makes you take action AND finally sticks. It is the EXACT program that I used to lose almost 50 lbs of baby weight after I had my daughter Avery.

21 day fix

What we're covering:

  • SETTING REALISTIC BODY GOALS: The essential things you need to know and mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to setting body goals, including my 3 step formula that can change your expectations with goals and therefore your results, simply. And the REASON you need to set goals in the first place.

  • SIMPLE RECIPES FOR BUSY PEOPLE: How to make sure that the food you're going to eat is actually something you WANT to eat so that you can follow through with healthier choices.

  • WORKING OUT MORE EFFECTIVELY IN LESS TIME: How to make sure that you are focusing on the RIGHT exercises for your body type and personality, which is going to determine whether or not you'll stick with it long term.

  • MEAL PLANNING & PREPPING: What you need to nail BEFORE you start your week, including a done for you meal plan each week of the program so the decision making process is taken out of the equation on a busy night where everyone comes home hangry.

  • BEING RESULTS ORIENTED: How to make sure that you actually start to measure your progress so that the end goal can be achieved, giving you that quick WIN & PROOF that what you're doing is WORKING so you stay motivated to see it through to the end.

  • SUPPORT: My advice and guidance on how to be PROUD of where you are and APPRECIATE your body so that the journey is pleasant, and therefore successful. You'll be a part of our Fit Club Community, ready to support and help you.

healthy mom, fitness plan, 21 day fix

What's included:


You'll receive my welcome material before the program begins that will help you implement everything including:

  • a link to your Prep Week is here to not only get you in the right MINDSET to succeed with this beginners program, but to get you prepared, get you pumped, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the nutrition plan, the workouts, or any part of the process.