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Beginner's Basics: A Simple Approach to Creating A Healthy Routine For Newbies


Starting Monday, February 21.

A 3 week program dedicated to helping you understand the process of creating healthy habits that actually makes you take action AND finally sticks. It is the EXACT program that I used to lose almost 50 lbs of baby weight after I had my daughter Avery.

21 day fix

What we're covering:

  • SETTING REALISTIC BODY GOALS: The essential things you need to know and mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to setting body goals, including my 3 step formula that can change your expectations with goals and therefore your results, simply. And the REASON you need to set goals in the first place.

  • SIMPLE RECIPES FOR BUSY PEOPLE: How to make sure that the food you're going to eat is actually something you WANT to eat so that you can follow through with healthier choices.

  • WORKING OUT MORE EFFECTIVELY IN LESS TIME: How to make sure that you are focusing on the RIGHT exercises for your body type and personality, which is going to determine whether or not you'll stick with it long term.

  • MEAL PLANNING & PREPPING: What you need to nail BEFORE you start your week, including a done for you meal plan each week of the program so the decision making process is taken out of the equation on a busy night where everyone comes home hangry.

  • BEING RESULTS ORIENTED: How to make sure that you actually start to measure your progress so that the end goal can be achieved, giving you that quick WIN & PROOF that what you're doing is WORKING so you stay motivated to see it through to the end.

  • SUPPORT: My advice and guidance on how to be PROUD of where you are and APPRECIATE your body so that the journey is pleasant, and therefore successful. You'll be a part of our Fit Club Community, ready to support and help you.

healthy mom, fitness plan, 21 day fix

What's included:


You'll receive my welcome material before the program begins that will help you implement everything including:

  • a link to your Prep Week is here to not only get you in the right MINDSET to succeed with this beginners program, but to get you prepared, get you pumped, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the nutrition plan, the workouts, or any part of the process.

  • your Goals & Why Statement is provided so that you can instantly start working on the inside job, your personal goals and the reason why changing is so important to you.

  • your Nutrition Guide is linked for full, immediate access to start learning how to eat for your goals including a meal planning guide.

  • a link to your Fit Club your private accountability group link is available to you upon purchase so you'll be able to join the community and introduce yourself to the ladies.

  • your Commitment Letter this is the document you'll sign that let both of us know you're serious about getting results. You'll submit that to me and also keep for your own records to remind yourself why you started so you DON'T QUIT ON YOURSELF.

  • a Set Up Tour showing you exactly how to stream and find your workouts.

  • the Before Document is a guide to taking your before photo & measurements because we are immediately teaching you how NOT to be fixated on that damn scale. We care about how you FEEL and look which is not always captured by a number on the scale and this will teach you how to ACTUALLY SEE results every single day, and it starts with the before document.

  • a Guide to Setting Up Your Workout Space so that you are set up to start right away.

  • my Personal Development List of optional but recommended reading material that helps you to reframe the way you view yourself and helps you grow into the best version of you.

  • What to Expect the first week you begin, just a few of my tips and advice letting you know exactly how your body might feel.

  • your Meal Plan access will be explained in your welcome email from me.


You can typically expect your Total Solution Package to arrive to your house within 7-10 days of purchase, often sooner, that includes your toolkit: supplements, equipment and guides.

  • Access to your Beachbody On Demand (BOD) streaming (1 year membership) will be available within the first 24 hours of purchasing and you will receive a separate email from Team Beachbody with the instructions on how to log in with your membership.

  • Your 30 Day supply of Shakeology (or other Performance Line supplements of choice).

  • Your Equipment (optional based on workout program)

  • Your Specific Nutrition Program log in information. When you fill out your application with me, we pick the best nutrition plan based on your goals and personality - it will either be the Ultimate Portion Fix plan or 2B Mindset plan. Access to each of these is immediate with your purchase so you can right away log in and start learning the plan.


I know that you feel like you already have to be "good" at exercise or eating healthy to join me, but you don't. In fact, the reason I host this program is to encourage the mom who feels like she's a lost cause to START with us. To feel included in what we are doing. Because the secret is - we are not all that different and you need to know that basic truth.


moms who drink wine, healthy mom, beachbody coach, 21 day fix

When the foods that we love are part of the plan, there is a sense of relief and it allows us to throw guilt out the window. There is no shame associated with drinking a glass (or two) of wine on a date night and if getting healthy means you need to give up everything you loved, what's the point?!

I am going to teach you how to get back into the best shape of your life without depriving yourself, without counting calories and without restricting ANY food groups.

You will learn to use exercise as your secret weapon to reducing stress, fighting the feeling of overwhelm and to control the one thing in life that you can - your health.

We control what we put into our bodies and how we move them. It's our responsibility to gift ourselves an abundance of health because we HAVE THAT POWER.


Ready to get started? Fill out the application to save your spot.


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