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4 Week Gut Protocol Recipe Ideas

If you need some simple recipe ideas for Beachbody’s newest program, The 4 Week Gut Protocol - I'm sharing some of my favorite gluten free and dairy free recipes that are full of plant based foods!

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What is the 4 Week Gut Protocol?

Many of my followers are jumping into the new program from our Beachbody Super trainer Autumn Calabrese: The 4 Week Gut Protocol. In case you haven’t heard of it before, the 4 Week Gut Protocol is a nutrition program that teaches us how to eat whole foods and how to avoid the foods that may negatively affect our gut health and gut microbiome.

The goal of the program is to identify food that could be causing digestive issues and eliminate them to rebalance your gut microbiome and improve your energy levels, immunity, and overall health.

Along with the program, Autumn has released a series of videos to help guide you, as well as a 4 Week, Low Impact Workout Program than can be done along with the program if you choose to do so. Learn more about The 4 Week Gut Protocol HERE.

Does the 4 Week Gut Protocol use the 21 Day Fix Containers?

It does! If you're familiar with Autumn's Ultimate Portion Fix container system, this will be simple for you because your planning is so similar. You'll still measure your portions using the color coded containers so the meal planning is the same. The biggest difference is that we are avoiding the following foods entirely:

  • dairy

  • gluten

  • alcohol

  • artificial sweeteners

  • processed soy

  • corn

So the food lists changed. There is also an emphasis on eating as big of a plant variety as possible - she calls it plant diversity. This changes the yellow (carb) and red (protein) lists - they'll each have an “A” and a “B” option and you need to choose from both sections of the list when planning your daily meals.

This also means that your non-animal proteins such as beans, tofu, and quinoa count for red container (they're on the B list). This was so exciting to me, these yellows just became reds!

The 4 Week Gut Protocol also reduces added sugar to less than 10g of sugar a day, coffee to no more than three cups a week, and also red meat to only once per week. I personally had to modify the coffee part. I tried my best but my daily cup of black coffee is not something I could quit cold turkey. So I weaned and drank significantly LESS and did my best.

Lastly, Autumn added fermented foods to help support gut microbiome health. This was a bit weird initially but I definitely got used to it and my stomach totally felt better as a result.

If you're not already familiar with the portion control containers, learn about the Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition System here.

Are the 21 Day Fix Recipes something I can continue on this plan?

Yes, but you have to tweak some of them. I LOVED that we didn't have to start with all new recipes – that reduced my feeling of overwhelm when we started. Some you can eat as is, others you will make simple swaps. But I promise you, it’s all totally doable. Plus, I give my customers and coaches a meal plan that's approved so you'll have tons of help.

I had really been wanting to try cutting out dairy and gluten this year and had already started trying some of my favorite recipes with substitutions or without it. So I was so happy to be getting closer to my plant based goal and happy to try the new versions.

Want to Join my 4 Week Gut Protocol accountability group?

Learn more about how you can join our private community of women who are using this system here.

Recipe Ideas for the 4 Week Gut Protocol:

4 week gut protocol, veggie chili

4 week gut protocol, chicken recipe

4 week gut protocol, banana oat bake, overnight oats

4 week gut protocol, chickpeas, vegan snack

4 week gut protocol, lentil soup, plant based

4 week gut protocol, mexican skillet

4 week gut protocol, breakfast cookie, oatmeal, plant based

4 week gut protocol, plant based, sweet potato pancake

4 week gut protocol, quinoa soup, plant based


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