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Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Health & Fitness Coach

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy you are taking the time to check out this post about becoming a health & fitness coach with me. You may be following me on Instagram, Facebook, or read my blog, but something sparked your interest about the coaching business. So what was it? Was it the travel, my transformation, the free-time mom lifestyle or do you have NO clue what I actually do as a coach and you are dying to know more?!

Maybe you are like I was and you can’t even picture yourself having that freedom, flexibility or can’t picture yourself being the person who knows what they’re doing with their own health & fitness let alone help someone else. I can tell you that it ABSOLUTELY can be your reality if you choose this path. I can show you the way because I am living proof of what is possible when you are disciplined, consistent, and passionate about where you want to go in life. This company has been my vehicle for finding my passion and allowing me to never go back to work full time after having my kids. Something I never thought was possible in the beginning of my journey.

In this blog post I am going to tell you everything you need to know to become 100% confident in your decision to work with me as your business partner and to achieving your ultimate health and fitness goals!

Who AM I?

When I became a mom, I decided to leave my full time physical therapy position and only go in a couple days a week. I wanted to be home with my kids but was also pretty terrified of how I’d survive financially and emotionally not having that work life connection. I was new to the idea that I’d be home with kids a lot. Also, this was the first time in my life that I was 50 lbs overweight and I was really struggling personally with my confidence level. I had 2 pregnancies in under 3 years and I was so uncomfortable in my own skin - desperate actually to get the old ME back. My clothes didn’t fit and our family was financially tight due to me only being able to work such limited hours so that I could watch our kids. My husband Jarrett and I fought over money more often than I like to remember and I was always playing the comparison game to other moms. I had that internal struggle of “I want to sacrifice everything to be the one raising my kids” one minute to “why can’t we afford nice things or go on fancy vacations like everyone else” in the next breath.

In 2015 I clearly remember sitting at the computer (eating chips), 5 days away from giving birth to my daughter FRANTICALLY googling how to lose weight. My search kept showing me all of these Beachbody coaches with their before and after photos, testimonials and invitations to join their challenge groups. I thought to myself, “Yeah, no. Not going to be one of those people.” Closed the tab and immediately searched it again. I remember thinking “I just want to get in shape and let’s just see what probably won’t work but what if...” and did more research on their products, workouts, looked at these amazing lifestyles the coaches were leading and looked at the company itself with a fine tooth comb. I decided to contact an old coworker who I knew was a coach with the company and told her I wanted to join. I made a decision that would ultimately change the course of my life.

What stuck out to me were the transformation photos. The people who looked like I did, who were moms and who were really just average women. They were smiling in their after photo, so confident and happy - something that I really wanted myself. They were healthy & happy.

My personal transformation started 3 weeks after I had Avery. I was 100% committed to doing whatever it took to feel confident and fit in my clothes. Every day I worked out in our basement at 4:30am while my kids slept. I threw out all of the crap food I had been eating while pregnant. I started following the nutrition plan I bought, I was cooking healthier foods, paying attention to the labels, researching portion sizes and found how to truly be healthy. I had to learn how to eat in smaller portions, it did not come easy! I LOVED it and the weight started melting off. After 6 months of doing a few Beachbody programs and following their nutrition plan - I lost every SINGLE pound. I had more energy than all of my mom friends. I was HAPPY and ready to share with everyone how I did it.

I remembered the lifestyle that the coaches had, the freedom of staying home with their kids all while earning a good income that helped contribute to family vacations, all of the extras that we, at the time, could not do. At first, I was really hard on myself and didn’t think I had what it took to be a coach! I was NOT a people person and kept telling myself that others would judge my decision to be a Beachbody coach because I was a healthcare professional. I was “better” than that. I was scared to death of what my friends, family and especially other physical therapists, would think of me. What I DID have was a nagging voice in the back of my head telling myself “what if this could be something you could incorporate TOGETHER with your healthcare degree”?

I loved the person I was becoming while going through my transformation. So I decided to go for it!! In January 2016 I decided to go public with being a coach. I started sharing with others how I lost my baby weight, learned how to cook healthy and had so much energy. I became a coach without any background in marketing, sales, social media, and I GOT TO WORK sharing what I loved.

It’s 4 years later and I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I didn’t decide to go all in! What started as a way to get in the best shape of my life turned into…

  • Paying for my own products monthly with my income I was earning

  • Paying cash for our Christmas presents my first year

  • Paying cash to send both or our kids to a private school

  • Paying off a long-standing credit card bill

  • Doubling up on my student loan payments without missing a beat in our budget

  • Finding ALIGNMENT with WHO I AM as a person, as someone who is invested in making someone else’s life healthier - as a physical therapist and now in wellness!

  • Becoming a person who is not afraid to travel alone or do scary things!

  • Went on an all expenses paid Leadership Retreat in beautiful Utah with a bunch of strangers who became best friends (WHAT?!)