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Morning Meltdown 100!

Okay - HERE WE GO! Another new program from Beachbody, this is the REASON why I never hit a plateau! I'm getting ready to start a brand new workout program because honestly, I get bored easily and I love to switch it up. Summertime is the PERFECT time for the 20-30 min Morning Meltdown 100 program because I am stepping it up & I want a workout that is fast paced, is going to challenge me, and is going to build on intensity each & every week!!

The Morning Meltdown 100 program is fun, challenging and doable for EVERYONE regardless of your fitness level. I have had the opportunity to test out MM100 at our Leadership Retreat last month, through the coach test group & with a few friends. So let me tell you what you can expect!

What is MM100?

Morning Meltdown 100 is designed to help you unlock the best version of yourself by committing to completing 100 workouts!!! That may sound crazy difficult, but I promise that with a little discipline and accountability YOU CAN DO IT! Remember: your transformation is on the other side of day 100!

This program is taught by superstar trainer Jericho McMatthews, you may remember her from the Core de Force program a few years ago.

There are 100 unique workouts in total and each one progressively harder. There's going to be HIIT, resistance, active recovery, mobility, and more. The workouts are short enough to fit into your day without any excuses and the variety means you are training every area of your body!

There's a big focus on personal improvement aka Self Love and making yourself a priority to live your BEST LIFE with this program! The 100 workouts give you 100 opportunities to work on yourself — and reap the rewards of working out in the morning.

My workout is my 'me time' and it’s been part of my routine for almost 4 years now. Thirty minutes of exercise is not going to kill me! In fact, it has helped me in all areas of my life - and the way I get it done in the morning literally sets the tone for my ENTIRE DAY! I try to leave all my stress and anxiety outside the door and focus on how great I’ll feel when I’m done.

So many women say that they do not have TIME to workout! I remember saying those things to myself and then when it became something that I NEEDED to do – I miraculously now had the time! For me it was setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier each day. It was an adjustment and a sacrifice but I felt SO GOOD that over time, I was hoooked. It cleared my mind, and I found that starting the day with a positive mindset is the key to living a happy life. TRUTH.

If you take a look at the routines of successful people, most will include waking up early to exercise as part of their routine! This is not by accident. These people have learned how to RUN THEIR DAY!

Here's the fun part: A Live DJ!

Music plays a huge role in this program!! For the first time in Beachbody history, each workout is set to a heart-pumping BPM (beats per minute) playlist mixed by a live DJ!

“Working out with the DJ feels like a party! You’ll have fun, live in the moment, and connect to the workout like never before,” says Jericho.

UPBEAT tunes + Jericho's HIGH ENERGY = you will have the motivation to stay with it every single day!

Is this program for right for me?

Um, YES! We will discuss your personal health and fitness goals, but this program is great for a variety of people interested in:

  • toning up, losing weight, and building muscle

  • avoiding a weight-loss plateau

  • short, at-home workouts (and a variety so you don’t get bored!)

  • turning morning workouts into a habit

Testimonials from the MM100 Coach Test Group

A select group of Beachbody coaches were chosen to test out the MM100 program over the past few months. Everyone is LOVING this program and the results they are getting! Look at some of their photos! I am SO excited!

I get messages all the time like ‘I could never do that.’

GIRLFRIEND: YES YOU CAN! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm going to be doing it right along with you - and I'm sure I'll be struggling with some of the moves initially. Everyone is a beginner with a new program. But that's where the magic happens. You push yourself, see how much stronger and flexible you can get and BOOM -- a transformation happens!

There are ONE HUNDRED different workouts in this program - ten different styles, ten different times. I’m looking forward to not being bored. I am ready to feel like a bad ass athlete when I finish my workouts! There's not one size fits all with health. People at all different levels in the coach test group just finished the program! Channel your inner athlete, ya know?!

Best part: it's at home so no one is actually watching you! Some days are slow, some days are stretchy, some days require balance and some days you get to FLY! I am honestly a little scared of a one hundred day program but I know that anything worth having takes commitment and effort. BRING IT ON!

Check out this coach's before and after!!!!

When Can I Start?

Morning Meltdown 100 officially launches on Beachbody On Demand October 1, 2019. Offers go on sale in July, and VIP Early Access begins July 29, 2019. You can sign up for a Beachbody On Demand membership here.

For more information on Morning Meltdown pricing and package options, check out this post!

Fill out the form below if you’re interested in getting in on my MM100 private accountability group! There will several different options to join, starting July 1st! The official challenge group will begin on August 5th.

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