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21 Day Swimsuit Slimdown!

21 Day Swimsuit Slimdown!

I remember putting on my bathing suit in June after having my son and crying. All of my muscle definition was gone, I had the sagging skin around my belly and I didn't recognize myself at all! We were going on a family vacation in July and I was devastated and embarrassed. I shared that photo below if you want to take a look.

Looking back, I realize I "should have" given myself some grace and "should have" maybe loved my body more. I was grateful for my son but I was really angry at how hard I'd have to work to lose the 40 lbs of weight that I was left with. I had guilt for feeling like that. I didn't want to be reverse body shamed for wanting to look my best again. OH THE EMOTIONS! I didn't feel like myself and I was willing to do anything to feel confident again. I am kicking off a 21 Day Swimsuit Slimdown on Monday July 8th. This is for the moms who are SO DONE with feeling the way I described above. It's for the moms who felt like me in that before photo. It's for the women who are okay with admitting that they want to look and feel better. It's for the woman who deserves to get herself in shape because she wants to - without the guilt! It's also for the mom who is no longer willing to accept that she has been wearing a shirt over her bathing suit. She's DONE and she's READY to change the shape of her body THIS YEAR!

If you have 21 days before your summer vacation,

you need to jump in NOW!

This is a 3 week closed online support and accountability group. It's food focused, but exercise is highly encouraged to get the best results!

During the 21 days, I'll be teaching you:

  • How to recognize (and stop) emotional eating

  • How to select better food choices and look at food as FUEL

  • What to look for in terms of food quality -- finally eliminating processed foods

  • Small, daily changes that create new habits and break the old ones

  • How incorporating a superfood shake can set you up for a better day of eating, eliminate your sweet cravings all while feeling more energy & not deprived!

  • How to get through a transformational 3 day detox to kickstart your healthy eating habits -- I've run challenges for a long time and starting with THIS has been the key to success for so many women who have started and stopped a clean eating program. It successfully eliminates cravings and detoxes your addiction to sugar and junk. Legit. ​​

You might be thinking: So what do you do once you're on vacation? Here are my simple, basic rules around clean eating that I take EVERYWHERE, even when I travel! And a general guide for keeping it clean in the summer: ​Healthy Summer Recipes & Drinks

Now let's get serious for a second - & learn how this 21 Day Swimsuit Slimdown is going to GET you looking and feeling better when you put on your summer clothes! >>>>>>>>>

what do you get?

  • The 3 Day Refresh Detox cleanse

  • click the link to read about how I lost 4 lbs in 3 days and why I recommend always starting a clean eating program with this crucial step.

  • The Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition System

  • click the link above to see ALL that you'll be getting with this complete nutrition plan​

  • Daily Shakeology

  • So that you can feed yourself the right nutrients every single day without having to think about it​.

  • Each person is required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the 3 weeks of the group. The reason is this - Shakeology is not a protein shake. Its not comparable to Slim Fast or any other shake! It’s like comparing apples to oranges. When you look at Shakeology you are seeing high quality ingredients that are not processed, there are no artificial sweeteners or flavorings and it is going to help you lose weight because it’s portion controlled and it has the right carb to protein ratio that your body needs to make up a complete meal. You can choose any meal during the day to replace with Shakeology. I always suggest you choose the meal that you struggle with the most. Some days I am crazy in the mornings with the kids so it is my breakfast and other times lunch is chaos and its easier to drink Shakeology vs the peanut butter and jelly the kids are eating! You don’t have to commit to it forever, but give it 21 days! It will help make the transition to clean eating easier, it will help you get better results because your body is getting proper nutrition and can recover faster and at the end of the 3 weeks we can re evaluate to see where to go from there!

  • 1 Year of On-Demand Streaming Workouts

  • Even after this challenge is done, you will have a year subscription to ANY workout ​​program in the video library! You won't get bored with the same old workouts, you can constantly switch them up.

  • 21 Days of my coaching!

  • You'll have the ability to tag me in a private fB group, ask me questions, and get daily motivation and support along the way!

Each day you will log into the closed online accountability group. There will be a daily post from me. The posts will have either a tip on clean eating, a recipe, motivation or accountability. Each person is required to check in each day and report their day for accountability. It is a safe place to come and know that you have people just like you to help get you through any obstacles that come with reaching your health and fitness goals. Honestly if it wasn’t for the challenge groups for me I personally would not be where I am today!

Where can YOU be in 21 days?

So are you in??? Just because we are moms, or in our 30’s/40's or have busy lives, doesn’t mean we still can’t rock our bikinis!

TO JOIN: please apply HERE and I'll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your options!

xo, Jen

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