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What is an Insta Pot?

No time to cook: the biggest complaint most of us have about healthy eating! I am about to bust that excuse so watch out!

Weeknight dinners can really be a challenge when you're running around with kid's activities and you don't get home from work until 6pm. That's why I am SO EXCITED that I got an Instapot for Christmas! While I am admitting that I really don't know how to use it yet, I wanted to research it a bit and then share what I learned with everyone. Here's what I learned...

What the heck IS an Instant Pot?

It’s a trendy, multitasking cooking appliance that lets you make slow food fast. It’s perfect for people who like to cook things from scratch without always having the time necessary to do that. My foodie friends rave about it already but I keep thinking this really seems like it might be too good to be true.

I learned that there’s a whole Facebook Instant Pot group with 1.2 million members, and the Instant Pot was one of the top Black Friday sellers in 2017. The members are called “Potheads", LOL! Naturally, I joined.

Slow cookers require forethought. Instant Pots are a forgetful cook’s or procrastinator’s friend!! An Instapot is just like a pressure cooker and functions as a slow cooker, rice/oatmeal maker, steamer, yogurt maker, and warmer — and it has a sautéing/browning function, too. Like, for those nights when you forget to thaw chicken breasts for dinner, or you realize the soup you planned to make requires two hours to I do all the time.

WAIT!!! My most favorite part about the InstaPot is that you can cook frozen meats in it!!! It seals in moisture, so moist heat cooking methods work best (think: steaming, braising, sauteing, boiling, and simmering). ARE THEY SERIOUS???!