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Summer Calm: Mind-Body Connection for Weight Loss

The days are longer, the pace is slower. It's time to connect to your body.

I'm SO excited to announce this program because it's something I have wanted to create for a LONG time! I hear from people constantly that they feel their food choices are holding them back from weight loss and that they are unsure of what to do for a starting point with exercise. This program is for beginners who know they need to change their daily habits but don't really know where to start.

We are starting with a very gentle approach to mindful eating, which incorporates journaling not only what you eat but how you feel after. NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS! It takes the idea that some foods are "bad" out of your vocabulary and teaches you how to eat things that make you feel good.

It will also include a mindful Yoga practice, at an introductory level, for people who need to feel connected to their bodies again. There are various levels of yoga available within the program and everyone is able to choose a starting point that fits best for them.

This program is for:

  • Someone who feels guilty after eating.

  • Someone who struggles with negative self-talk & feels not good enough because they keep blowing off their workouts.

  • Someone who's body always feels tight, tired and heavy.

  • EMOTIONAL eaters!

  • And people who feel stressed out all the time.

Introducing: Summer Calm: Mind-Body Connection for Weight Loss! What is it? It's a FOOD MINDSET course designed to shift the way you think about food and your choices. It's self-reflective, easy to learn concepts without being deprived of any one food group. It's not about banning and forbidding carbs or fruit, it's not about counting calories or controlling portions. It's about learning effective ways to look at food and use the scale to learn EXACTLY how YOU personally lose and gain weight - so that you're ALWAYS in control.

It's also an introduction to Yoga that is set at your own pace. It is designed to take your body where it is right now (wherever that starting point is!) and begin to form a daily yoga practice to improve sleep, mood, stress and overall health. Depending on your starting point, there's an option for all levels of yoga. The mind and body are connected. Learn how to take control of both your movement and your food choices so that YOU are in the driver's seat. You are holding the steering wheel on your weight loss. And you're doing it without guilt, restrictions or a strict workout schedule to follow. THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS AND NUTRITION!

We are starting on Monday, July 23rd and the program will run for 30 days! If this is for you, please apply to be considered for a spot in our challenge group! *Space is limited, do not wait to apply! Deadline to join is Monday, July 16th at 11:59pm, Eastern.


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