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How to Travel & Stick to Your Diet

Do any of you ladies find yourself traveling for work but not sure what to eat on the road? We’ve talked about how to plan ahead at home, but now I’m going to give you some tips for planning ahead when you’re traveling.

1. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is super easy to pre pack and put in your suitcase. I portioned out 1/2 cup oatmeal into 3 baggies (because we were gone for 3 days) with 1/2 cup raisins, 1 tbsp flaxseed and wheat germ. Every hotel has hot water or a continental breakfast that you can get hot water from!!

2. Nuts: Before you leave, spend some time measuring out a small handful of nuts into bags such as unsalted almonds, cashews and peanuts. You can pair them with a few apples and oranges because they travel well!

3. Refillable water bottle: When you continually drink your water your body stays full and you only get hungry when you are actually hungry! I bring my huge 24 oz Starbucks water bottle with me wherever I go and constantly refill it. I aim for 4 each day and when you bring your own bottle, you actually know how many ounces you drank rather than just guessing.

4. Granola: I make homemade granola bars (because the commercial stuff has all kinds of processed junk in it) and then put it in a baggie. When you get to the hotel, hit up the continental breakfast and grabbed a few non fat plain yogurts and stored them in your hotel room. When you need a snack, it's right there - granola and yogurt!

5. Exercising: If you are the type of person who travels frequently but still need to get some exercise then I recommend taking your laptop with you. At home, before we had a TV in our basement I would take the laptop down every day and play 21 Day Fix right from my computer. When you are committed to a program you must make do with what you have! No EXCUSES! With the technology these days there is no reason why you can’t workout!

6. Alcohol: A huge part of eating out especially with clients is drinking! It’s so hard not to enjoy wine, beer and mixed drinks with your co workers and customers. I’m not saying that you should never drink but you should decide if that dinner is going to be your cheat meal for the week. Alcohol has a lot of excess sugar and empty calories. So for starters limit your alcohol and for every drink that you have you are required to drink 1 full glass of water! DEAL?!

Also, if your trip is longer than 2 days, promise yourself that you will not drink every single night. Pick which night would be the most fun and then decide that you want to feel refreshed and energized the next morning for the rest of your trip - so that means holding off on drinks with dinner every night!

7. Last but not least! If you are going to an event like a wedding or fundraiser. My top tips are to pre eat! If you know that there are not going to be healthy options at the event then make sure you have a well balanced breakfast and eat your healthy snacks every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Then when you get to the event snack on fruit, cheese and veggies and keep a glass of sparkling water in hand. Mingle and make the event a social hour that doesn’t revolve around food! If you keep yourself busy talking then no one will even notice that you didn’t pig out on the cookie table!

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