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What is Clean Eating?

Paleo, Whole30, gluten-free...eating clean means something different every time you turn around. I believe in making it customized to what your needs are. Eliminating entire food groups (gluten or dairy) may be what you need to do to feel healthy and help you eliminate extra weight. And for someone else, it may not.

But what's the surefire way to eat to maximize your body's ability to digest well and absorb nutrients? Stop eating anything processed. What exactly does that mean, though? You've probably heard of "shopping on the outside aisles" in the grocery store. That assumes you'll buy only real food, you know like fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts. This can be an easy way to approach shopping for food as you get used to avoiding processed, packaged items.

But what you really need to get familiar with is label reading. If you don't know what an ingredient is, you probably should put it down and walk away. Our grocery stores are full of quick meals (dude, Lean Cuisine is gross and loaded with chemicals and that portion size would never fill me up) and we are tempted to buy something easy rather than do the work in the kitchen. Your health and weight will show this.

My thoughts are really simply this for eating clean: buy real foods and cook your own meals. That's it. Simple, easy to do but also easy not to do. I feel when you're eating real food you don't have to limit portions or count calories. You can eat until you're satisfied. I welcome comments and engagement as I'm always learning, too. What is your definition of clean eating?

Want to join a COMMUNITY of healthy moms who share clean eating recipes? We'd love to have you!



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