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21 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge


“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”  -Kevin Trudeau




There’s no better way to develop strength, flexibility, and balance than through Yoga. It allows you to improve your fitness and overall health in a safe and energizing way.

For YEARS, I was missing this critical piece of fitness.  I was a runner and in my younger years really didn't pay much attention to my flexibility or core strength.  Sure, running can allow you to stay lean - but it has negative side effects like tight, knotted muscles, a weak core, zero focus on upper body strength and of course - INJURIES galore!  

Once I began incorporating Yoga into my routine, a few things changed.  My feet no longer hurt when I ran.  My posture improved.  I was able to increase my running speed significantly because my muscles were lengthened and therefore able to contract harder, faster and more efficiently.  My core was stronger and I stopped having that nagging hip pain afterwards.  


Someone who has never exercised, or it's been months (years?) are also people who should begin with Yoga.  It gently paves the way for your muscles and body to respond to new activity without the worry of injury that other impact exercise may produce.

Pretty much, EVERYONE needs Yoga.  Whatever your fitness level, adding yoga into your daily routine has so many health benefits.  Here's who I strongly believe are the people who desperately NEED Yoga:

•someone with a high-stress career 

•someone who is a runner 

•someone who is new to exercise & just starting out 

•someone who has been involved in high intensity workouts and needs some flexibility & a slower pace for muscle recovery 

•new moms who need to regain hip mobility and core strength 

•someone with high anxiety

Research proves that Yoga’s benefits include:



If you are READY to say goodbye to a nagging injury, lower back pain, sciatica...If you are READY to start an exercise program to improve your health the smart way...If you are READY to stop reading about the benefits and FEEL them for yourself...

I am a physical therapist & I’m hosting an ONLINE intro-to-yoga challenge beginning on March 19th! To reserve your spot, join the challenge below!

Yoga Practice


+Online Membership to streaming on-demand yoga workouts that will take place in the comfort of your own space

+30 Day supply of Shakeology, replacing your worst meal of the day with a Superfood shake to help you lose pounds and give your body all of the nutrients it needs to start an exercise program off right

+21 days of coaching from me, including support, accountability, motivation and access to me via text/message for any and all questions to give you that 1:1 attention you'll need to start

+A nutrition plan to follow to feed your body with proper food to support your new workout program and fuel your body correctly to lose inches and eliminate bloat

*Spots fill up quickly - reserve your spot by joining below!

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