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Summer Calm: Mind-Body Connection for Weight Loss

The days are longer, the pace is slower. It's time to connect to your body. I'm SO excited to announce this program because it's something I have wanted to create for a LONG time! I hear from people constantly that they feel their food choices are holding them back from weight loss and that they are unsure of what to do for a starting point with exercise. This program is for beginners who know they need to change their daily habits but don't really know where to start. We are starting with a very gentle approach to mindful eating, which incorporates journaling not only what you eat but how you feel after. NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS! It takes the idea that some foods are "bad" out of your voc


I am so excited for this program and it comes at the perfect time of year- the dog days of summer when you need something quick & effective to get the job done. Beachbody Super Trainer Joel Freeman has just released a brand new fitness program and I am so excited to fill you in on it!! This program is called LIIFT4 and it's all about building lean muscle and burning a ton of calories. In 30-40 minutes, you’ll burn what would normally take AN HOUR AND A HALF at the gym – and you don’t even have to leave your house. By combining weightlifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT) with a short core routine, you are going to shred and tone your body in 8 weeks. How does it work? The LIIFT

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