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My NUMBER ONE Trick for Breaking Through a Plateau!

MY NUMBER ONE TRICK TO BREAK A PLATEAU! You know it’s coming. You’ve been working out consistently, eating every piece of organic produce available, drinking your water. You succeeded in burning fat and losing those initial pounds. It’s normal to think that because you’re sweating during your workouts and eating clean that the scale will continue to move in the right direction. Then that dreaded plateau hits. And you’re super frustrated because it seems like no matter what you do you’re efforts are not being rewarded. You may even start to doubt yourself and question why you’re even bothering. Even worse, you may start to self sabotage and go crazy with a whole bunch of chocolate or co

Time for YOU.

Finding the time to do the things you want to do or want to focus on can feel hard when you don't have any structure or boundaries in place in your life. What do I mean? Today, I'm breaking down two areas that are critical to align yourself with finding time for YOU as a busy mom or woman. Do you have a set time that you wake up each day? Or do you snooze til whenever or wait for your kids to wake you up? I can tell you that when I started waking up an hour before my kids each day (and it's not always perfect), I felt amazing! What would it feel like to you if you knew and were guaranteed to have an extra hour to yourself each day no matter what? #worthit How about grocery shopping? Do y

A Healthy Hot Mess by Jennifer Stawarz