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What you put in your body is just as important as getting enough exercise.  In addition to offering some of the most innovative and challenging workouts, Beachbody offers an amazing line of products to help you reach your fitness goals.



The Healthiest Meal of the Day!

Shakeology is a nutrient-dense SUPERFOOD shake.

Lots of buzzing about Superfoods, isn’t there? When I’m asked about why Shakeology is any different than another organic protein shake, this is what makes it stand out from the rest, in my opinion. Shakeology is made with all of the healthy thing s that we know we should be incorporating into our diets every single day, but we usually don’t.

Shakeology’s the perfect combination of proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants,

enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics. Plus, it also contains many rare ingr

edients, including adaptogens—things we can’t get from an ordinary diet. So whether you use Shakeology for weight loss, or drink it to optimize your health, this powerful shake is your daily dose of health. I call it my “fountain of youth” milkshake!

We NEED Shakeology in our lives.

Our American diet is terrible! We try, but we often don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables; instead, we reach for what’s quick and easy—packaged food and fast food —which have been so over-processed that their nutrients have long been destroyed. If you’re eating over-processed foods too often than you’d like to admit, then you’re actually running your body on empty. We need dense nutrition to make our bodies run efficiently. When you start thinking of food as fuel, you immediately realize how important Shakeology is in your daily diet. Because it is packed with the world’s most potent, nutritious ingredients, it’s the quickest and easiest way to eat healthy, stay satisfied, and live a healthy life.

What Shakeology Really Does for You.

Many customers and potential customers ask what Shakeology is actually supposed to do for them. While each person’s body is unique and different, there are a few key benefits that happen to almost everyone drinking Shakeology on a regular basis:

●Antioxidants. Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants:

flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in our antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acai berry, camu-camu, goji, and blueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response.

●Energy. Shakeology contains a range of B vitamins and trace minerals, like zinc and magnesium, from whole food sources that regulate metabolism and

increase energy. Shakeology also contains maca root, an adaptogen herb known to promote endurance and stamina.

●Digestion. The Shakeology non-dairy prebiotic and probiotic blend contains

fiber and different enzymes like amylase, papain, cellulose, and lactase, which all support digestion. These ingredients aid in breaking down food

molecules into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, so all of the

nutrients can be absorbed into your system.

●Mood. One scoop of Shakeology provides 100% of the daily recommended

intake of vitamin B12. B12 is often linked with good mood maintenance; B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine, crucial to the experience of pleasure.

Shakeology also contains cacao, which is very high in phenylethylamine

(PEA). PEA acts as a neuromodulator to enhance one’s mood.

●Detoxification. Many of the ingredients in Shakeology (spirulina, chlorella,

flaxseed, barley grass, spinach) contain powerful detoxification compounds

such as chlorophyll and alpha-linolenic acid. These ingredients may help rid

the body of environmental toxins such as smog, heavy metals, herbicides,

cleaning products, and pesticides. They also aid in liver detoxification.

Shakeology also includes kamut grass, an ingredient coined “nature’s most

powerful detoxifier.” This grass has been known to cleanse the body and

detoxify the cells to restore health and vitality.

●Immunity. The antioxidants, bioflavanoids, and flavanoids in Shakeology work to support immunity. Some of these ingredients include ashwagan

da, acerola cherry, rose hips, and goji berries. The goji berries in Shakeology are

one of the richest sources of antioxidants; not only does goji berry promote eye, reproductive, and circulatory health, but it also supports your immune system.

●Satiety/cravings. The protein, chromium, and nutrient-dense calories from superfoods in Shakeology work to help decrease your appetite. Chromium is important because it helps maintain blood-sugar levels, which re

duces sugar cravings and promotes fat metabolism. The protein makes you fuller, longer.

●Complete nutrition: Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body

to keep you feeling good.

So there are the reasons that I drink Shakeology. My customers have been able to see for themselves what it does for their body. We could literally write a book on these potent ingredients (well, not me!), but sometimes a cheat sheet is just as nice to see it all spelled out to help you decide if it’s for you.


3 Day Refresh Cleanse

This quick and easy to follow cleanse will help to invigorate your system, break bad eating habits, and speed up your metabolism!

This challenge is for those who want to really to jump start their clean eating journey, restart their fitness adventure with a detox, or just rid their body of toxins after too much indulgence!!

The Complete Kit comes with:

3 packets of Shakeology®* - your choice of 6 flavors (we recommend Chocolate Vegan or Tropical Strawberry Vegan because plant-based proteins are often easier for the body to digest)

6 packets of Vanilla Fresh (high-protein shake)

3 packets of Fiber Sweep (digestive health drink), and 1 Program Guide

* Also avaliable without Shakeology for those of you who already have a stock of it at home.


21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse

If you're ready for a serious commitment and a great way to overhaul your diet and nutrition, the Ultimate Reset is for you!  This program will help you lose weight, gain energy, and teach you healthy habits along the way.


If you're ready to join, I would need to help you pick out the best fitness program for your current fitness level and pick your flavor of Shakeology to start with!  To read about what your options are click here:

Workout options and reviews:

What is Shakeology? And why do I need it?

(Flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenbeery or Cafe Latte. Vegan flavors also available in all except greenberry)

To learn the difference between Vegan Vs Regular blends read about it here:

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